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Infusion, Suction, and Gripping methods are all covered in this article. We also touch on Contamination and the proper use of propofol. Buttons are critical, so use them correctly. Follow the following instructions:

Suction and air/water infusion buttons

The Air/Water infusion and suction buttons on the endoscope are designed to deliver both air and water through the same channel. When the Air/Water infusion button is depressed, a few drops of water emerge from the distal end. These droplets are not a medical emergency, but can aggravate the patient’s coughing or vomiting reflex. The Air/Water infusion button is located just below the suction button on the endoscope’s mainframe.


A propofol endoscope button is a pharmacological aid for sedating patients during gastrointestinal procedures. Propofol is a phenolic derivative with satisfactory sedative and amnesic properties. Because of its rapid metabolism, rapid onset, and short recovery period, propofol is often used in standard endoscopic procedures around the world. Its advantages outweigh its potential drawbacks.

Gripping methods

Gripping the https://www.smarttechmed.com/product-category/endoscope-accessories/bending-section-mesh/ can be done by a number of different ways. Ideally, the endoscope tip and handle component engage in an axial sliding engagement. The endoscope component may be plugged into the handle component 120 by a male-female plug connector or by a threaded connection. These methods vary according to the specific device. Regardless of the technique, the endoscope tip should be held at least 20 cm from the handle portion 120.


To ensure a clean and sterile environment, the reprocessing of endoscopes should be documented. This documentation is crucial for product recalls and disinfection failures. It also enables endoscope reprocessing personnel to record the end of manual cleaning and disinfection, and the time when the endoscopes were used. This information helps determine the optimal time for reprocessing.

Positioning of pyloric ring

To perform an upper GI endoscopy, a surgeon should position his or her fingers on the air/water infusion or suction buttons. This will allow the endoscope to maintain a constant level of air insufflation. Excessive air infusion is taboo and should be avoided. However, if the air level is too low, the endoscopist must suction to prevent the scope from dislodging.

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