High gloss acrylic MDF board

When it comes to the selection of high gloss acrylic surfaces for home decor, you will find that DEMET, Senosan AM 1800 TopX are popular choices. These materials are made from different types of materials and provide various benefits, and the selection process for each one is not the same. Here are some of their benefits and features:

Senosan AM 1800 TopX

High gloss https://www.angelo-home.com/product-category/kitchen-cabinet/ is a great choice for interior decorating. It is available in both face and backside finish with an impressive depth of colour. The surface is made of acrylic sheets laminated on MDF board. The acrylic panels are scratch-resistant and highly chemical-resistant. These materials are environmentally-friendly and have exceptional resistance to UV rays. The acrylic panels can also be polished to remove minor scratches.

Polylac is an ecological multi-layered decorative panel with the highest scratch, heat, and gloss levels available in the industry. It is made by pressing a high-density decorative panel onto E-1-rated MDF. The surface is then protected by a specially developed bio-optimised transparent PET film. This panel is also available in ripple-free finish. A variety of other options are available, including UHG, PVC, and PET laminated MDF.

Senosan AM 1800

In Europe, only SENOSAN offers the most advanced high gloss panel. This material’s depth, brilliance, and lustre make it an unrivalled solution for furniture. Its outstanding scratch resistance, UV resistance, and chemical resistance make it a highly desirable choice for commercial and domestic projects. Its exceptional colour consistency and seven-year warranty guarantee that it’s an ideal choice for every project.

Made from the finest quality of wood and plastic, these boards are scratch-resistant and have a high gloss finish. Their durability is a result of a unique process that involves applying a multilayer acrylic coating to MDF. After this process, these boards are hardened and fixed with a protective foil. They are scratch resistant and chemically resistant, but also incredibly soft to touch. They’re also easy to clean and resistant to household chemicals, so they’re a great choice for any project.

DEMET Acrylic MD

DEMET Acrylic MD is a new material with a high gloss finish, non-yellowing properties, and an exceptional mirror effect. It is perfect for cabinet doors, TV stands, exhibition panels, and interior decoration applications. This thickened material is shipped with a wood pallet or loose packing and an EPE protective plastic film placed in the middle of the board. The sheet comes in solid colors or decorative patterns, and is a versatile choice for many interior decorating projects.

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