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The market for kitchen cabinets continues to grow at an above-average rate in the new home construction industry. Homeowners are increasingly building larger kitchens to increase utility and space. Although new home construction slowed at the end of the twentieth century, demand for new cabinets is projected to increase once the housing market resumes. This is also true for remodeling projects, with homeowners confident in recovering their investment. A strong economy and increased consumer confidence fuel the market for new cabinets.

During the past year, cabinet makers such as Kraftmaid, Merillat, and American Woodmark have been busy expanding production to meet consumer demand. In addition, the companies have invested in technological innovation to respond to consumer preferences and shorten lead times. These companies have partnered with builders to provide more choice and customization in the new home construction industry. Buying from a manufacturer directly allows the buyer to customize the cabinet to meet his or her tastes.

As for the time it takes to make a, a recent article in Wood Products magazine described the process involved in manufacturing them. In some cases, more than 250 processes are involved in manufacturing one single cabinet. While many manufacturers cut raw materials in one plant, many other steps are performed at different locations. Lean manufacturing practices have significantly reduced time to market, allowing cabinets to be produced faster and reduce costs associated with inventories. By cutting down on inventory, manufacturers have more room for production, which means that a cabinet can move from station to station with less time and effort.

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The most common material used in making kitchen cabinets is wood. Plywood is cheap, but it expands when used. Solid wood is not the best choice for kitchen cabinetry, flooring, and countertops, so it is often preferable to choose engineered wood products. Stainless steel is a contemporary alternative to wood but is more difficult to maintain and won’t expand as much. It is also a nice choice for damp areas like the kitchen.

The most popular type of kitchen cabinet today is the Shaker-style. It features five flat-panel pieces arranged to form a frame. The centre panel is flat. This style is highly versatile and adapts to many kitchen styles. In fact, it’s often used in homes with a country-style design aesthetic. The shaker style is also very popular in a modern, farmhouse-style kitchen. Moreover, the simple recessed panel design of the doors makes the Shaker style cabinets versatile for any kitchen style.

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