LED Illuminated Push Button Switches

LEDIlluminatedPushButtonSwitchesareagreatchoiceforcontrollingandmonitoringelectricalcircuitsinhomeappliances.Thesepushbuttonsareavailableinavarietyofcolors led illuminated push button ledilluminatedpushbuttonandcanbepersonalizedtofityourdesignneeds.Themaximumcurrentratingforthisdeviceis5A250V,andithasalongmechanicallife.Itswaterprooffeaturehelpsitwithstandoutdoorenvironments.Herearesomeofthereasonsyoushouldchooseanilluminatedpushbuttonswitch.

LED lamps are always connected to power. The switch is connected to the normally closed pin. When the switch is not pressed, the equipment is always on. Pressing the button, however, will disconnect the circuit contact. This ensures that the equipment will not operate in the event of an accidental press. It is a great convenience when you need to turn the light on and off quickly. Buttons made of metal are ideal for this type of switch.

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