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If you’re interested in purchasing a laser cutting machine, you might want to take a look at the GF3015/4020 Plus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and HM-800. You may also be interested in the SF3015H Full protection fiber laser cutting machine or the M-800. Tradewheel is a marketplace that offers a variety of products for both industrial and commercial uses, including laser engraving machines and leather cutting machines.

GF3015/4020 Plus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The GF3015/4020 Plus Fiber Lathe Machine uses the world-famous IPG or Raycus fiber laser to deliver powerful cutting capability and efficiency. The machine can be used for cutting different types of metal materials, including steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. It features a large cutting area and a mechanical motion system for processing thin-to-thick materials. The GF3015 laser cutting machine can also process auto-forming parts.

The GF3015/4020 Plus is a high-quality fiber laser cutting machine that will enhance the profits of established companies. It is suitable for cutting carbon, stainless, and alloy steel. It can also cut spring steel. It can be used for high-pressure electrical cabinet production, textile machinery accessories, elevators, and kitchen appliances. In addition, this machine is easy to maintain and uses a rack-and-pinion drive system. The machine features an industrial field bus Profibus communication system, and a FSCUT CypCut CNC controller. It features low failure rate, anti-interference ability, and no computer virus.


HM-800 series of laser cutting machines from Hanma are characterized by a wide cutting area of 1,330 mm by 830 mm, fast cutting speed of 60,000mm/min, small heat-affected zone, and low power consumption. It also features a stable operation, high-strength and low-deformation table, and nine-mouth guarantee on the laser tube. It is ideal for cutting a wide variety of thin sheets, including carbon/mild steel, stainless steel, copper, and silicon steel. Among its features, this machine can be configured with professional drawing software. It also supports CorelDraw, Auto CAD and Found software. The machine comes with an excellent after-sale service, 12 M/h cutting speed, and a warranty for its durability.

HM-800 is available in single and double exchangeable working tables. The machine features a rotary axis for cutting round or square pipes. Its advanced hardware and software features include a Japan Yaskawa servo motor, Germany Neugart gear-rack drive, and a THK guide rail transmission. The machine body weighs around six tons, preventing vibration and shaking even when it is cutting metallic materials.

SF3015H Full protection fiber laser cutting machine

SF3015H Full protection fiber laser cutter is an ideal choice for sheet metal processing. It is ideal for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, and manganese alloys. It also has a full protection cover to minimize the risk of laser radiation and environmental pollution. Its auto-exchangeable platforms improve processing efficiency and save time. Also, it fits perfectly into a 40 HQ shipping container. Its small floor area reduces load time by 22.2%.

SF3015H is a 1500w fiber laser cutting machine designed for steel plate cutting. This machine also comes with an auto feeding laser cutter, which cuts automatically and safely. It also features high-temperature cutting, which makes it suitable for cutting steel plates. The cutting edge of this machine automatically closes after the cutting process. SF3015H can also cut stainless steel, electrolysis board, and silicon steel.


The HM-800 series laser cutting machine is a versatile machine for a wide range of applications. With a processing area of 1330 mm x 830 mm, it is suitable for various types of laser cutting, engraving and marking jobs. The M-800 is also available with a shuttle table system that doubles productivity. Users can install one laser cutting system at a time without the need for a crane or low-loader.

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