custom laser cutting machine

Before purchasing a, it is important to consider the material you are going to use for the final cut. Some materials are not suitable for laser cutting, including fibreglass, which is a composite material comprised of glass and epoxy resin. Fibreglass burns easily when laser cut and produces toxic fumes. Similarly, polycarbonate absorbs energy and discolours badly. Additionally, HDPE and ABS can be melted by the laser and can cause serious damage to the cutting machine.

Dedicated laser cutting machines

Dedicated laser cutting machines can handle various types of materials. The cutting head of these machines uses a single-sided linear guide rail with roller structure, which provides excellent dynamic response and precision. In addition, a cutting unit with a chain device drive is more convenient to install and debug. It also improves the production efficiency of the laser cutting machine. Here are some of the advantages of dedicated laser cutting machines:

The cutting quality is influenced by the gas pressure. Insufficient gas pressure results in poor cutting quality, causing fouling during the process and affecting production efficiency. Cutting gas pressure should be adjustable, as insufficient gas can result in an uneven surface, wide slots, and melting of part of the section. Moreover, it is necessary to adjust the nozzle’s concentricity to obtain maximum cutting quality. It is also necessary to keep a check on the gas pressure and the thickness of the cut to prevent a miscut.

Tube laser cutting machines

Tube laser cutting machines are very popular among metal fabricators. They are capable of producing many different shapes and sizes of tubular parts. The cutting process is almost automatic, which minimizes labor and material waste. These machines also feature automatic lubrication systems and built-in alarm systems. Generally, laser cutting machines are equipped with a low-pressure auxiliary gas alarm to minimize the need for manual intervention. A real-time stats system provides useful information such as when the auxiliary gas must be replaced.

Laser tube cutting machines are also flexible and versatile. Because the high-powered light source is channeled through fiber-optic cable, the beam is amplified and focused to be focused on the specific material. Compared to traditional methods, fiber laser tube cutting is noiseless, clean, and virtually maintenance-free. Furthermore, it is extremely economical and effective. It is an excellent choice for a wide range of manufacturing applications. To learn more about the benefits of a tube laser cutting machine, visit

Dedicated laser cutting machines with fume extraction system

Dedicated laser cutting machines with fume extraction systems are available in different types and prices. Fumes are produced during laser cutting and can be very toxic for your health. Fume extraction systems are a great way to prevent these hazards. The cost of these machines can range from $800/EUR550/PS500 to $1700/EUR1430/PS1300. Other laser manufacturers suggest that you can pump the fumes out of your window, but this is not a legal option in many places and is highly anti-social.

The fume extraction system is a simple yet effective method of removing vapors from the air and the work area. It is attached to the laser exhaust filter and sucks in the dirty air. The system then filters it and releases the clean air back into the same room. This prevents fumes from entering the work area and making the workplace a health hazard. The fume extraction system is designed to be flexible enough to fit in most environments, regardless of their size or complexity.

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