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ATM parts supplier

When you’re looking for an ATM parts supplier, you may be wondering whether or not to buy OEM or non-OEM products. OEM parts are made by the manufacturer of the ATM and are built to the same high quality standards. Non-OEM parts may be cheaper, but they won’t always meet the exact specifications and tolerances that OEM parts do. In addition, they may not be tested by the manufacturer, so their performance may not be as good as the original parts.

TestLinkisanATMpartssupplierservinginternationalmarketswithtworepaircentresintheUK ATM parts supplier andoneintheCzechRepublic.TestLinkemploys150staffmemberswithdirectOEMexperiencefromtheATMmanufacturers.Foundedin1989,TestLinkisrunbytwoofthecompany’sfounders.ItoperatesunderISO9001andISO14001qualitysystemsandanethicalenvironmentalpolicy.Asidefromthat,theyalsosellsparesandupgradepartsfordifferentbrands.

TestLinkisoneofthelargestindependentATM ATM parts supplier partssuppliersintheworld,maintainingoverPS3millioninpartsinventory.InadditiontoATMspares,TestLinkalsoremanufactureshundredsoftopbrandATMsto’as-new’conditions,whichsavesitscustomersupto70percentonthecostofnewATMs.BuyingremanufacturedATMsfromTestLinkcanalsosaveyourbusinessmoney-asaresult,you’llenjoyhighercashwithdrawalandlowerATMcosts.

In addition to ATM spares, TestLink also specializes in cassette parts, as well. Their ATM cassette tester helps prevent dispensing errors, resulting in better ATM security and transparency. The tester is useful in assessing the quality of the cassette’s shutter mechanism, as this is the most common component to fail. Other ATM parts that require replacement are the low cash sensors and the ATM cassette. These parts can cost thousands of pounds, so a good ATM parts supplier will have a large inventory to choose from.

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