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How to Repair a Car Fender

A car fender is a metal frame that covers or houses a wheel well. Its primary function is to keep rocks, mud, liquids, and other debris from being thrown into the air as the tires rotate during driving.

Fenders can be made of steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Aluminum is more durable and can withstand high speeds better than steel.

Damaged Fenders

The fender is the most prone to damage on your car since it’s located close to the wheels. This means it’s exposed to the elements, including harsh UV rays and varying weather conditions. If left untreated, these factors can cause the paint to chip or even rust out. Rust outbreaks aren’t just unsightly; they can weaken the overall structure of your vehicle, especially if the fender is bent or dented.

While it’s possible to repair dents on your own, it’s best to leave this task to professionals. This process involves using body filler to build up a damaged area, buffing it, sanding it, and painting it to match the original color of the fender. This step-by-step process can be complicated and time-consuming, especially if you’re not familiar with the process.

At Five Star Autoplex-Auto Body Repair, we categorize fender damages into three kinds: minor, moderate, and severe. The minor type of fender damage is caused by accidents like door frame dings, shopping cart dings, and bad weather. This damage is easy to repair and does not require a full paint job. Depending on parts availability and the make and model of your vehicle, replacing your fender may take less time than you think. The I-CAR Cold Class certified technicians at our auto body shop can help you determine how long it will take for your fender to be replaced.


Scratches on fenders are unsightly, but they can usually be repaired with a few easy steps. First, you will need to sand down the damaged area to level it and then apply a coat of sanding primer. Once it is dry, you can apply several coats of surfacing primer to ensure that the surface will be smooth and ready for paint. Before you start painting, you should mask off the surrounding areas to prevent any mistakes that could damage them.

Fenders are important because they protect the car from mud, water, and other debris that get thrown up by tires while car fender driving. They also improve the aerodynamics of a vehicle and make it more attractive.

Generally, a professional repair technician will use a process called suction to remove dents from a car fender. This is done using a big unit that looks like a vacuum cleaner, but it can be difficult to do on the back of a fender.

Another method for repairing scratches on a fender is to use automotive putty. This type of putty is very effective and is available at most auto parts stores. Before you use it, you will need to sand the damaged area with 180 grit sandpaper and then apply several layers of automotive primer. It is essential to keep in mind that you should always wear a respirator when working with any auto body paint products.


Dents on car fenders are not only unsightly but can weaken the metal structure of the quarter panel. This can be dangerous if another accident occurs. Weakened metal may not be able to absorb the impact, and people in the vehicle may sustain serious injuries. This car fender is why dents should be removed and the foam or padding underneath replaced to protect the occupants of the vehicle.

Depending on the size and location of the dents, they can often be fixed using PDR. However, more severe dents can require body filler and repainting to get them back into their original shape. This is a labor-intensive process and requires a lot of experience to make it work well.

Fenders are an essential part of any car as they protect the wheels and the passengers from debris like stones, mud, liquid and other things that get thrown into the air by the rotating tires while driving. They are also installed to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle and protect the parts under the chassis from foreign objects that can be thrown up by the wheels.

One way to repair dents on your car fenders is to pour boiling water over the dent and its immediate area. The heat from the boiling water will soften the material and you can then push the dent out from behind. However, this method can only be used so many times as thermoplastics can only withstand so much heat before they deform and discolor.


Fenders are an essential part of your vehicle and protect it from a wide range of damage caused by road debris and rainwater. They also make your car look more stylish and excellent. According to the Minnesota government, every passenger car should have fenders designed to prevent, as much as possible, water, mud or any other material from being thrown up by your tires when they rotate while driving.

While it is not an ideal option to purchase a new car when yours gets damaged, you can try to repair the dents and scratches on your car’s fenders in order to keep it in pristine condition. A qualified professional mechanic can usually do this work in just a few hours. If your fenders have cracks in them, it is important to get them repaired as soon as possible. This can save you money and help you avoid more expensive repairs in the future.

In addition to protecting your vehicle from damage, fenders can also improve your car’s speed. Studies have shown that a car with intact fenders can travel faster than one with a dented fender. This is because fenders can absorb more of the shock from collisions, which reduces the impact on other parts of your car and on your passengers. Therefore, repairing your car’s fenders will increase the value of your vehicle when you decide to sell it or trade it in for a different model.

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