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4G Solar Camera Review

Traditionally, outdoor security cameras require a wired network and electricity. But that setup can be costly and difficult to deploy in remote outdoor scenarios.

The 4g solar camera solves that problem by deploying wirelessly and using its own long-lasting battery power source to transmit videos over cellular networks. Read on to learn about the top benefits of this new technology.

No Wi-Fi & Power Needed

Unlike security cameras that rely on electrical power, solar-powered models absorb energy from direct and ambient sunlight. They can also function in a dark room as long as the internal battery has a charge. For those worried about porch pirates or other unwanted guests at night, they may want to consider a model with built-in microphone and speakers. Other buyers may look for features like two-way talk, which enables communication between the camera and anyone who tries to break into the home.

A 4g solar camera works well in remote areas that don’t have WiFi or a wired network connection. They are ideal for farms, construction sites, boats, second homes, barns, and more. Some are also easy to move and can be taken with you on a trip abroad.

To set up a solar camera, a panel needs to be mounted somewhere that can absorb a lot of sunlight. A roof, fence, or shed is a good choice, but you can also mount it on a wall, post, or tree. To get the most out of your solar-powered security camera, you should try to keep it as close to a south-facing window as possible. You should also account for trees or overhangs that might block some of the sun’s rays. It’s a good idea to bring your solar security camera inside for a recharge if the battery level gets too low.

No Monthly Subscription Fees

4G solar battery powered cellular security camera is a great solution to monitor remote sites that don’t have electricity or Wi-Fi network, such as construction site, cabin, farm, second home, boat and more. It transmits videos via 3G/4G LTE network, enabling you to get live view anywhere and anytime.

The best part is, there’s no subscription fee 4g solar camera at all, as the solar panel and battery power provide uninterrupted power. You can also choose to store footage onsite on an SD card (compatible up to 128G). With advanced features, such as motion detection and instant alerts, you can keep your property safe.

With the built-in high-capacity 10400mAh battery, the solar security camera can be used for up to three hours in total darkness. It uses a 3:4 video aspect ratio to offer a wide field of view and a zoom lens to capture more detail. Its smart AI technology recognizes people, vehicles and animals to provide you with a more customized monitoring experience. In addition, it supports remote live video viewing and provides free three hours of recording history. Moreover, it can be integrated into existing 3rd party systems with complete API protocol interfaces. This feature is especially useful for businesses and commercial applications. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

No Installation Needed

The solar camera’s incorporated solar panel captures the sun’s rays and converts them into direct current (DC). After that, an inverter transforms the DC into alternating current (AC), which then powers the camera and battery. The result is a completely wire-free solar security camera that’s ready to go.

To set up the camera, insert a SIM card that has internet access into the camera and download its corresponding app on your mobile phone to connect it. From there, you can start receiving motion alerts or live video from the camera right away.

You can also use a 4G solar camera to monitor a remote location that doesn’t have power or Wi-Fi network access, such as construction sites, farms, second homes, boat docks, barns, etc. You can even use it in a cabin in the woods or at the beach.

However, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that winter weather will negatively affect a solar security camera’s performance. Because the sun’s rays aren’t as strong in the winter, your camera might have a hard time charging its battery every day, so it may require more manual recharging than usual. For this reason, it’s a good idea to bring your solar camera indoors for the winter months. That way, it will be able to recharge in a warmer environment and continue working without any issues.

No Battery Replacement Needed

The camera works completely wire-free, and it comes with a solar panel and long lasting battery power source. Moreover, it supports two-way communication between the camera and 4g solar camera your phone so you can talk with anyone who’s on your property. It’s also secure with two-factor authentication and 8GB of eMMC local storage. It’s a good option for anyone who wants to monitor their home, but doesn’t want to pay for monthly charges or deal with a contract.

It has a built-in PIR motion sensor that is highly sensitive to human movement, but not to natural elements such as leaves or branches. This eliminates many false alarms and conserves your battery power. Additionally, you can use the camera remotely with a mobile app on your phone, making it easy to monitor and control your camera.

The Reolink Go is one of the most advanced 4g solar cameras on the market. It uses both cloud and SD storage for a complete backup of your footage, and it has great night vision capabilities. With a 2 megapixels starlight CMOS image sensor, the Reolink Go can capture the smallest details in low light conditions with up to 33 feet of range. This allows you to view your property at all times, day or night. It’s a great choice for people who want to keep an eye on their construction site, vacation home, barn, boat, or second home.

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