acoustic wood slat ceiling

Acoustic Wood Slat Ceiling

Acoustic wood slat ceiling bring warmth and organic character to your space, while providing acoustical control. They are an alternative to drywall or fiberglass, and can help reduce distractions from noise and reverberation.

Attach 1×2’s to your joists to secure the acoustic panels to your ceiling. This is necessary to ensure that the panels don’t pull away from the joists, which can decrease acoustic performance.

Improved Acoustics

Acoustics are crucial to the success of a space. Poor acoustics cause echoes and reverberation, which can make it difficult to understand conversations or concentrate. An acoustic wood ceiling softens and disperses sound waves to reduce these issues.

At Altispace, we offer a wide variety of acoustic ceiling panels. Our products feature an acoustical layer of sustainable felt that is bonded to MDF and real wood veneers, giving it outstanding performance. The slatted design, a nod to traditional ceilings, also helps disperse sounds. All of our Altispace beams have been acoustically tested by an independent laboratory to ensure they provide the best possible results.

The wood slats absorb and diffuse sound to improve the acoustics of any room. They are a great choice for commercial spaces, as they can enhance the overall atmosphere of the workspace. This makes it easier to communicate and collaborate with coworkers.

Additionally, wood is a natural material that can complement the acoustic qualities of any space. While other materials such as plastic or fiberglass can impart a metallic or drummy sound, wood can deliver an organic and soothing quality that is perfect acoustic wood slat ceiling for the modern office environment. This can help create a more comfortable working experience for employees, which leads to higher productivity and better wellbeing. By reducing reverberation, acoustic wood ceilings can make it easier to understand one another.


Acoustic wood slat ceilings bring a fresh and modern look to any room. They are a popular choice for recladding existing walls and ceilings because of their ability to fit the design style of any space. They can also be combined with other acoustic ceiling elements such as ceiling tiles and panels or with decorative ceiling trims. The slats are made from fire retardant MDF engineered solid wood (ESW) and finished with a veneer, melamine decor or RAL color on the three visible sides. They are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to meet any design requirement.

With their symmetrical arrangement, acoustic wood slat ceilings are the ideal solution for a room that requires order and structure. They can be used in offices, classrooms, dining rooms and common areas in public or community spaces.

For a more abstract and artistic look, the slats can be arranged to create a geometric pattern that is visually interesting. This was the design strategy in this upscale lobby and cafe, where SoftGrid Switch ceiling modules were used to elevate their acoustic performance.

A more textured effect can be achieved with microperforated panels, which use 0.55 mm perforations that are virtually invisible from a normal viewing distance. They control noise using a layer of recycled acoustic felt material, factory-attached to the surface.


A wood ceiling is a durable option for any interior. It is impact-resistant, easy to clean, and can be customized to fit the design of any space. It also helps improve the acoustic performance of rooms by reducing reverberation. Whether you are building a home or a business, a wood ceiling can be the perfect finishing touch for your space.

Acoustic wood slat ceilings are made from high-performance materials that offer both function and beauty. They can help reduce noise, and are also available in a variety of finishes to match your style. These systems are easy to install and have been laboratory-tested to ensure they meet the highest standards. They can also be installed over existing drywall, and are easily customizable for your specific needs.

These acoustic panels can be installed in either a tongue and groove acoustic wood slat ceiling or plank-style system. The tongue and groove system is an economical way to install a wood wall or ceiling, and can be easily installed with the use of a standard wood blade. Varying groove sizes and core thicknesses allow for different acoustic results and design flexibility.

I-Wood provides a unique installation solution that uses finger joints and requires no additional joists or support beams. Simply glue or screw these panels into your existing joists and enjoy the enhanced acoustics of your room.


The durability and aesthetic of slat wood panels make them a high-end, long-term investment for a commercial space. They must be properly maintained to ensure the panels function and look their best. In addition to keeping them clean, acoustic ceiling panels should be regularly checked for damage. Small cracks or holes can reduce the effectiveness of the acoustic panel, so any issues should be addressed promptly.

To keep a wood slat ceiling looking its best, it is important to select a design that is compatible with your building’s overall style. In addition, choose panels that are easy to install and maintain. For example, some acoustic wood wall panels can be installed with ease by attaching them to 45mm timber battens. This method of installation allows for a seamless integration with existing structural elements.

Another consideration is the slat’s orientation. Vertical slats can create the illusion of higher ceilings, while horizontal slats will make rooms appear wider. Additionally, slats with different perforations can help control the amount of noise that passes through the system.

Finally, it is a good idea to consult with an acoustic consultant before selecting a wood slat acoustic ceiling. These professionals can provide valuable insights and recommend the best options for your project’s requirements. They can also assist with the installation process and answer any questions that may arise during the construction phase.

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