Electric retractable roof

Electric Retractable Roof

Adding an electric retractable roof to your home or business allows you to enjoy the outdoors all year round, rain or shine. The roof opens or closes in a matter of seconds by pushing a button and it’s easy to clean waterproof fabric offers 100% rain protection.

Many health clubs have a retractable roof to allow members to swim in the open air. These can also provide an attractive architectural feature to the club.

Easy to Operate

A motorized retractable roof opens and closes at the push of a button, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space all year round. They are perfect for commercial spaces such as hotel patios, restaurant terraces, pools and arenas. They also offer a great solution for residential properties.

Retractable roofs are made with easy to clean weatherproof fabric that allows you to use your garden or patio space all year round and protect yourself from the sun, rain, wind and cold. They are designed with integrated guttering systems that allow rainwater to run off and disappear into concealed downpipes, meaning you can still enjoy your space even during heavy downpours. Many of our products also come with optional automation options – so you can have the roof automatically open and close according to weather conditions or set schedules.

If you want to control your roof system manually, the controls are easy to use and understand. They are located at the head of the unit and turn belts which are connected to aluminium crossbars attached to the rafters of your new roof system. As the belts are turned, they move the crossbars which in turn pull the fabric membrane to expand or contract. The entire operation is silent and smooth and enables you to control each rotating section of the roof along with any options such as integrated blinds, LED lighting or infra red heating.

Energy Efficient

A retractable roof is a structure that allows the interior of a building to expand into the outdoors. This type of system can be found in sports stadiums, as well as commercial spaces and restaurants. The synchronized movement of the panels creates a large open space that can be enjoyed by patrons. The panels close when the weather turns cold or in response to rainfall. These systems are also energy efficient, decreasing electricity consumption and allowing for natural air ventilation.

These systems provide a “WOW factor” for commercial properties. Adding an electric retractable roof can transform a retail space into an outdoor environment that is usable year round – regardless of weather conditions. It is a great way to increase the value of your property and create a unique experience for your patrons.

The design of a motorized retractable roof is complex and the costs vary depending on the size of the structure, engineering, materials and installation. Electric retractable roof A more sophisticated design will result in higher costs than a simpler implementation. The type of materials used in a retractable roof will also impact the overall cost, but they don’t have as big of an impact as the structure and opening size contemplated. For example, a larger structure with multiple glass sections that move over each other will involve higher engineering and material costs than a straight-forward rectangle-shaped design.

Weather Resistant

Unlike traditional opaque roof structures, our retractable roof is translucent and allows for natural sunlight that facilitates the growth of grass, plants and flowers, which in turn filters the air. This creates a beautiful, welcoming club for members to spend their leisure time in.

Our bespoke fabric roof systems offer one of the best solutions to deal with the UK’s diverse weather and can be used all year round. Electric retractable roof Rainwater is either guided away from the sides and front of the structure or into concealed guttering channels that are built into the frame of the framework. This eliminates the drum effect of water falling on the covering, making your space a pleasure to use even in heavy rain.

The electrically operated retractable roofs are also designed to cope with high winds and can easily be matched to other products such as our Crystal-Tex Lateral Panel or Vertical-Tex Vertical Enclosures, which allow you to change your space with the click of a button. These structures are ideal for use as a free standing area or paired with your existing house to create a new external room.

In order to ensure that your retractable awnings are safe to use during stormy weather, you should always keep the areas surrounding them clear of debris and make sure to regularly check the frames and covers for signs of rust. It is also a good idea to prune any growing branches that could interfere with the operation of the awnings.

Adding Value to Your Property

An electric retractable roof can add a whole new dimension and style to your outdoor area. It can also protect your furniture and fittings from extreme weather conditions, such as sun or wind. Furniture that is left exposed to the elements can fade and age quickly, causing them to look old and tattered. A retractable roof will ensure that your furniture and fittings remain in good condition for longer, so you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Retractable roofs are a great option for commercial spaces, such as restaurants and bars, as they can create a comfortable dining space that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living. They can also be installed in residential spaces, such as patios and decks, to provide a comfortable and climate-controlled space for entertaining friends and family.

Unlike skylights, which do not offer protection from the weather, retractable roofs are designed to accommodate a range of temperatures and climate conditions. They are also more robust and can be automated to open and close at the touch of a button, making them easy to use.

A retractable roof will make your outdoor space usable year round, and will increase the value of your home or business. It will also allow you to entertain guests in comfort, and will ensure that your outdoor furniture does not suffer from exposure to the harsh weather conditions that are common in New Zealand.

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