The Benefits of an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

An industrial vacuum cleaner is more than a cleaning tool. It’s a revenue generator, a safety precaution, and a compliance program all in one!

Unlike standard, home-use vacuums that are easy to break, a truck mounted industrial vacuum is built with durability in mind. This makes it a smart investment that protects your employees.

HEPA Filter

Using a true HEPA filter rather than a standard filter can significantly improve air quality and help keep allergy and asthma sufferers healthy. The filter is able to trap small, microscopic particles of dust that are not picked up by a vacuum’s motor. These particles can recirculate in the room and aggravate health problems.

The medical industry demands that healthcare facilities be kept clean and contaminant free. Industrial HEPA vacuums with highly efficient filtration are needed to protect patients from airborne infectious substances that lesser-quality industrial vacuum cleaners can stir up as they operate.

Power plants often need specialized industrial vacuums for debris recovery and cleanup. Coal dust and fly ash are constantly being generated, and it is crucial that these materials don’t become airborne. Goodway manufactures high-quality industrial HEPA vacuums that meet the requirements of power plants. Food processing factories also use industrial HEPA vacuums to help maintain plant cleanliness and safety. Other uses include waste transferring, chip and coolant recovery in manufacturing, and radiation waste recovery at nuclear facilities. Depending on the environment, an industrial vacuum can be configured with a variety of wet or dry pickup options.

Longer Life

If you use a commercial vacuum cleaner regularly, INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANER then it’s likely to last longer than a regular household model. This is because they are designed and built with frequent, heavy use in mind.

Additionally, these models are typically equipped with large collection and dust bags to reduce the frequency of emptying them. They may also have removable or washable filters to keep them clean.

Industrial vacuums help to protect employees by ensuring that any harmful germs are removed from the workplace. This is particularly important because mops and brooms are known to leave behind residue and can even expose staff to dangerous pathogens like salmonella and E. coli.

Agricultural operations often deal with grain dust, which can be flammable. Explosion proof industrial vacuums that are both air and electric powered safely collect this dust to prevent fires. Other common applications include automotive plants, where overspray and lost powder are recovered from coating booths with high-efficiency filtration. Ensure that any industrial vacuum you choose has a warranty to cover the cost of repairs or replacement parts.

Less Dust

In a business environment where the use of old fashioned cleaning methods such as mops and brooms can release harmful dust into the air, industrial vacuum cleaners provide an efficient, effective and safe method for removing spills and reducing the accumulation of hazardous materials. This means less dust is inhaled by employees, and a safer work environment is created for both customers and workers.

Various types of industrial vacuum cleaners are available, and the type chosen depends on the industry involved and the size and scope of the facility. There are portable, explosion proof electric units, large central vacuum systems, and canister or backpack vacuums.

Some industries, such as plastic molding and metal fabrication, generate very high levels of dust, which requires powerful industrial-type vacuums. Other industries, like automotive plants and paper mills, must deal with flammable wastes or hazardous chemicals. In such situations, Goodway’s ATEX approved (explosion-proof) units are utilized.

Regardless of the industry, however, industrial vacuums are typically equipped with a larger INDUSTRIAL VACUUM CLEANER waste storage enclosure. This allows for less frequent emptying, which in turn saves on labor costs and cuts down on waste disposal fees.

Less Allergens

Allergens are a significant contributor to asthma and other respiratory issues in people. Vacuuming is a great way to remove these allergens from the air, helping to ease allergies and other health issues for sufferers. If your business is not using an industrial vacuum cleaner, you are missing out on a major health benefit for your staff.

Traditional cleaning processes – such as mops and brooms – spread germs around your work areas, which is not good for anyone with allergies. An AAFA certified vacuum will help keep your team healthy, and the environment clean and safe.

Unlike regular vacuum cleaners that have to be regularly emptied, an industrial model can hold more debris and dirt. This means that fewer trips will need to be made to empty the unit, which can minimise dust re-escaping into the atmosphere and impacting anyone with allergies or asthma. Some models also feature a warning system to alert you when the bag or canister is full, which can be helpful in maintaining a high level of cleanliness. The right type of vacuum will also be easy to handle.


Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners that have a canister on wheels pulled around by custodial workers, industrial models are large, rugged and often truck mounted. These models are powerful enough to clean significant areas in a shorter amount of time. That means that it takes less people to do a job, saving money.

For example, industrial vacuums are used in textile plants to control lint and thread dust as well as recover dye when it spills. These units need a high-efficiency filtration system to keep bacteria and other contaminants out of the air. Having a quality vacuum cleaner like this in the factory also helps to create a safe environment for employees, protecting them from illnesses such as salmonella and e. coli that can be spread through the spreading of dust particles.

Other applications include metal fabrication, woodworking and plastic molding plants. These plants produce a lot of scrap and waste material, all of which needs to be collected and removed for disposal. ATEX certified industrial vacuums that are air or electrically powered safely remove these materials from hazardous environments.

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