custom illuminated signs

Custom Illuminated Signs

A back-lit sign is a simple and fun decor hack that will make anyone’s Instagram feed pop. It’s especially great for Gen Z folks obsessed with aesthetics and streamers, as well as vacation rental hosts who want Instagrammable decor.

Front-lit channel signs are wildly popular, but halo-lit storefront signs have more of a distinguished look and offer more control over the lighting colors. Read on to learn more about these two types of electric signage.

Neon Signs

Despite their diverse shapes and colors, all neon signs work on the same principle: An electrical current passes through a sealed glass tube filled with inert gas. The gases glow when charged, creating the lines of light that spell out words or pictures.

Sign-makers use a blend of ancient glass-blowing technique, 20th century chemistry, and modern engineering to craft their works. They start with a pattern on paper that outlines the lettering or graphics to be displayed and carefully select a length of industrially-produced glass tubing to conform to it. Next, they heat the tubing to a soft state while bending it into shape with a tube bender. The artisan must precisely control the heat and bend the tube to avoid warping it or destroying its clarity.

Once the tubing is bent, a sign-maker inserts electrodes at each end and cleanses the tube through a heated process. They then add the desired gas (typically either neon or argon) and affix it to the sign base.

The sign-maker may also choose to add a droplet of mercury, which produces a green glow when charged. Other colors are produced by varying the color of the tubing that houses the gas, and krypton, xenon, or helium can be added to produce different hues. Today, neon signs are often replaced by LEDs, which offer a similar effect and operate more economically.

LED Signs

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are smaller, more efficient and custom illuminated signs offer a wider range of colors than neon signs. Their long lifespans—50, 000 to 100,000 hours—make them a more reliable and sustainable lighting option for your business.

These digitized displays allow you to communicate your message in an engaging manner that is more effective than static signage. These dynamic messages can also be changed immediately, allowing you to respond to events or customer feedback quickly. This flexibility and ease of use make them an excellent choice for restaurants, stores, airports and other public areas.

Custom LED logo signs are a great way to spice up the ambiance of your business and attract more customers. Consumers love taking photos of arty or picture-worthy illuminated signs, and by sharing those photos on their social media, your brand can gain further exposure.

These LED signs are often encased in opal acrylic, a semi-translucent material that obscures the bulbs but allows their light to pass through. They are available in both single- and double-sided options, allowing you to efficiently target passersby from either direction. They can be equipped with multiple color changes, animation, fading & flashing features for added visual appeal. With a simple remote, you can control your sign’s content and change its settings at any time. The display brightness can also be adjusted to accommodate your location’s ambient lighting.

Halo-Lit Signs

Halo-lit signs add a unique 3D effect to your business’s storefront, drawing more attention to your sign. This type of lighting is based custom illuminated signs on internal LED lights that are projected from behind your signage, giving the appearance of a glowing “halo” around your lettering and logo. This style is a great option for stores that want to stand out and look sophisticated and professional, especially in comparison to traditional storefront signage.

When creating a halo-lit sign, it’s important to choose the right colors to draw the most attention to your logo or lettering. Bright, high-contrasting colors are best, as they’ll stand out against your signage’s background and create a clear outline. It’s also a good idea to consider the size of your halo sign and how it will look on your storefront wall. A halo-lit sign works best on a flat surface, so corrugated or uneven walls can distort the effect. If you have an uneven wall, you can add a backer panel to your sign to help improve its visibility.

Another great feature of halo-lit signage is that it can be customized with special effects to make your signage that much more eye-catching. For example, you can use blinking or colored lighting to match your brand or season, such as red or green for Christmas or your company’s grand opening.

Decorative Signs

Backlighting adds a dramatic look to wall mounted signs and letters. It helps them to stand out in darkened spaces, and increases visual impact for clients visiting your office space. We can provide you with white or RGB colored lights to give your lighted sign a unique, eye-catching style.

The common model is where the lighting is reflected off of the acrylic back-panel that is in the 3D metal signs shell. This type of sign can be used for businesses or organizations like bars, stores, hotel, restaurants and hair salons etc. However, since the lighting must be reflected to be visible, this kind of lighted signs is not suitable for places that have very large lettering or logos that would be difficult to reflect.

Another option is the luxury model where the LED lights are placed inside of the sign’s metal shell, creating a direct halo effect for your logo. This model can be used for more luxury brands and businesses. It is also very easy to see the lighting and creates a very strong halo effect for your logo. The lighting can be controlled from a remote and you can choose from 30 colors, multiple pattern modes and brightness settings. These options make these lighted signs a popular choice for restaurants, hotels and offices. You can even hang these lighted signs on a ledge stone or reclaimed wood surface provided that there is a gap behind the stone or wood that allows you to pull the wires that power your sign.

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