Single Row Led Light Bar

The Single Row LED Light Bar

Light the way for your friends on the trail or for yourself on the road with the Single Row Led Light Bar. These lights feature a powerful LED light with a 50,000 hour life span.

They’re also lighter, more compact, and easier to mount in spots where dual-row bars might not fit.


Single row LED light bars are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. You can choose a model that is perfect for your vehicle’s size and purpose. The best way to determine the right one is to consider the beam pattern you want to achieve. You can pick between a spot pattern, which creates a bright, far-reaching focus, or a flood pattern, which produces a wide beam of illumination. The latter is ideal for areas where you need to see more of the surrounding area.

Single-row LED light bars also come in various shapes and dimensions. Some models feature a flat, square design that is ideal for mounting under a bumper or grille guard. Others have a curved, compact shape that makes them easier to mount on the hood or roof of your vehicle. You can also find a slim model that is ideal for tucking under the radiator or bull bar of your vehicle.

Some single-row lights come with a built-in switch and wiring harness, making installation easy and convenient. The lights feature grade-A LED chips, a waterproof aluminum housing and a 50,000-hour lifespan. They are also rated IP68 for dust, dirt, and water resistance. These LED lights are designed to shine bright, last long and take a beating. They are the ideal solution for casual off road enthusiasts, professional race teams, emergency responders, construction and mining vehicles, agriculture equipment and a variety of other applications.

Beam Pattern

The Single Row Led Light Bar has the power to light up your path even in the darkest places. Each one is loaded with premium LEDs that are rated for up to 5000 hours of use. They can produce Single Row Led Light Bar an intense beam of light that is capable of reaching far off objects and illuminating them with a crisp color temperature. These lights are available in combo and spot patterns. They can also withstand extreme weather and are protected from rain, snow, dust, and submersion.

The 10-watt CREE LED Single Row Light Bar series features an aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum housing and oversized heat sink fins to ensure that the LEDs stay cool. This is important to longevity, as a hot LED will degrade over time and reduce its luminous flux.

This light bar uses a robust CREE XLAMP XML LED that produces a powerful, night-searing 14560 lumens. Its durable polycarbonate lenses and die-cast aluminum construction are built to take a beating. This LED light bar is waterproof and comes with a mounting kit that includes end and base mounts.

The SR-Series PRO provides a sleek, low profile lighting solution that is less than 2” tall. It is a powerful light source designed to project a focused beam of light over a wide distance with patented optics. It is available in a variety of lengths, and features a combo beam pattern.


A single row LED light bar is more affordable than a dual-row model, and it still provides plenty of lighting. You can Single Row Led Light Bar find models that reach up to 4,800 lumens and 60 watts, providing enough light for all your needs. They are available in both straight and curved versions, depending on how you want to mount them on your vehicle.

A curved light bar is less noticeable than a straight one, and it may match the contour of your windshield better. You can also find them in a variety of colors and finishes, making them the perfect addition to any vehicle.

The type of LED diode is another factor to consider when choosing a light bar. The more expensive ones tend to be of higher quality, and they produce a brighter, more focused light. They also last longer than cheaper ones.

There are several different ways to connect your light bar to your battery, but the most common is a parallel circuit. This means that each anode and cathode is connected to a positive and negative wire from your battery.

You can also install a resistor to reduce the amount of current that flows through the lights and prevents them from overheating. However, it is important to understand the exact value of a resistor in order to properly use it.


While LED light bars are a popular off-road modification for trucks, they may be illegal to use on some roads. This is because the lights can blind other drivers, especially in dark conditions. This can lead to fines or even a ticket, so it is important to follow the laws of your state before installing a LED light bar.

In addition to ensuring that your light bar is legally compliant, you should also take care to choose the right type of light for your truck. Different states have different rules and regulations on the size, color, and brightness of LED lights. If you are not sure about the exact regulations in your area, consult a legal professional.

A good option for your truck’s front bumper is an LED light bar that can be turned on only when the high-beam headlights are turned on. You should also make sure that your LED light bar is not visible to other drivers when they are passing you on the road.

Another option is to mount your LED light bar on the rear of your truck bed or on the trailer hitch. This is useful for reversing or working in unlit areas. However, you should keep in mind that these lights are easy to steal, so it is best to avoid mounting them on vulnerable parts of your vehicle.

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