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Upgrade Your Car Headlights With a Bi Xenon Projector Lens

Many people install a simple plug and play xenon kit (without projectors) into their car headlight in order to upgrade the lights. But without a proper bi-xenon projector lens, the light beam will not converge and it will cause glare to other drivers on road.

Royalin xenon projector lens can provide the best solution for this problem. The design of the projector lens can achieve a sharp cutoff, great light output and nice bright hotspot.

Low Beam

Xenon projector lens is an upgrade to your car headlight that will produce much more light and wider beam with a nice bright hotspot. It is bi xenon projector lens important to use the correct bulbs with a bi-xenon projector lens, so that your lights will be bright and safe for other road users. If you want to update your car lights, then you will need a HID kit and a bi-xenon relay wiring harness. This will ensure that your bulbs and the projector lens stay powered properly, which can protect them from burning out or becoming damaged.

A projector lens has a cutoff shield that can be pulled down to switch between high and low beam patterns. The cutoff shield contacts with a solenoid that works when the power is on. The solenoid will push or pull the shield to allow much more light through the lens for a high beam pattern. Then when the power is off, the shield will return to its normal low beam position so that you will not blind the opposing traffic.

Royalin mini h1 projector lens can only fit H1 hid bulb size, so make sure you choose the right size of bulbs. It is also best to use the same voltage of the hid bulbs and the same brand of hid ballast. H1 hid bulbs are more powerful than LED bulbs, so they can easily burn out or damage your headlight.

High Beam

Bi-xenon projector lens is a special kind of headlight that can achieve both high and low beam pattern in one headlight. It consists of the lens, cutoff shield, solenoid and xenon bulbs. When it is powered, the solenoid will push or pull the shield down to expose more light through the lens and create a high beam. Then, it will return back to its normal position when power is off.

Most of the original car headlights are designed for halogen bulbs. When you retrofit a xenon kit without a proper projector into these headlights, it will ruin the performance of your HID bulbs. This is because the xenon bulb is much brighter than a halogen one, and it will cause glare for oncoming traffic. This is why it is important to use a projector lens to make your headlights perform better.

When you shop for a projector lens, you must confirm with the seller that it is suitable for your car and meets your country driving standard. In addition, you should also look at the size of the xenon bulb used in it. Royalin offers a variety of xenon projects lenses that are compatible with different types of xenon bulbs. They include mini h1, koito Q5 h7, hella G5 and E46-R. Moreover, they are made of durable materials and easy to install into the car chrome reflector bowl.

Side Beam

A side beam in a bi-xenon projector lens is designed to make the lighting on the opposite side of the road much more visible. The light that would normally come out of the bi xenon projector lens headlights when the high beam is turned on will be directed down the side of your car instead of toward the front, which makes driving at night much safer.

Aside from the obvious safety benefits, a bi-xenon projector also looks better and produces more light. While halogen bulbs produce less than 1000 lumens per bulb, a bi-xenon projector can easily double that amount, making your car look more premium and up to date.

Buying a quality projector lens is crucial when upgrading your car’s headlights. You want a brand that has been around for a while and has built up a reputation for high-quality products. Morimoto has been a leader in the HID world for years and is well-known in the automotive industry for its great products.

Royalin offers a wide selection of 1.8-inch projector lenses that will fit many different cars. The lenses come in both DOT and ECE modes so you can use them with your vehicle’s original halogen high beam bulbs as well as your new bi-xenon ones. They can even be used with a hid kit with a separate halogen high beam.

Reverse Beam

A bi xenon projector lens has a shield which rise up to stop a portion of the light when the headlight is switched to low beam pattern. The projector solenoid control the shield up or down to let in or block the light based on your driving needs. This is a crucial safety feature, as it prevents you from blinding other road users.

Many car owners use a simple plug and play xenon kit without installing projector lens into their halogen headlight to improve their night vision and look of the vehicle. However, they don’t realize that it is very dangerous for them and other drivers on the road because xenon bulbs produce higher temperature which deforms the original chrome reflector and causes glare to other road users. Aozoom D2S bi xenon projector lens solves this problem with its side pole solenoid mechanism that creates a reliable low and high beam pattern when actuated.

When shopping for a bi xenon projector lens, make sure you buy the one that fits your country’s driving standard. For example, if you live in America or Australia, where the standard is LHD, then the step of the beam pattern will be going up and to the right. While if you live in China, where the standard is RHD, then the beam pattern will be going lower on the right and higher on the left.

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