tension fabric led display

Tension Fabric Led Display

Tension fabric displays use an aluminum tubing scissor truss pop up frame that snap together. The pillow-case style graphics fit snugly over the frame, providing a seamless, large graphic.

Printed in full digital color using a dye sublimation process. The stretch polyester fabric sleeve easily slips over the tube-like hardware and is secured at the bottom with velcro or zippers.

Easy to Assemble

Tension fabric displays are a large portable display solution that can be used for trade shows, conventions, and retail displays. The fabric is printed with a design using dye sublimation and stretched across a tubular aluminum tension fabric led display frame or pole setup. This fabric is then sewn into a “sleeve” that simply slides over the frame. It’s secured with velcro on the bottom of the frame to hold it securely in place. This type of display can be backlit to illuminate the graphic and help attract attention.

Tension fabrics are made from a polyester, and the designs can be printed in full digital color. The fabric is then stretched tightly over a tube-like aluminum frame and velcroed on the bottom of the frame. This allows for a smooth graphic that’s easy to assemble. The frames are lightweight and easy to transport.

There are many options available for tension fabric displays, including both backlit and non-backlit versions. The most popular is the EZ Tube fabric display, which features push-button hardware that’s numbered for a simple assembly process. These displays are available in a variety of sizes and include a hard case for storage and transportation.

Another option is the Embrace backlit tension fabric display. This is a lightweight, collapsible display that features a backlit fabric graphic with SEG beading. It also includes LED lighting that’s easily attached to the perimeter channel bars around the frame for an impactful illuminated display solution.


Tension fabric displays are lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. They also offer a premium look for trade show booths. They use high-quality graphics printed using the dye sublimation process. This process produces a smooth, vivid color. They are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. These include curved, footed-straight, S-shaped and even circular frames.

Unlike standard polyester display fabrics, tension fabric is an elastic material that can be stretched tight. This allows for a smooth, wrinkle-free graphic that can be attached to a frame or stand. The fabric is also machine washable, making it an excellent choice for event use.

The frame of a tension fabric display is made of aluminum tubing, which makes it lightweight, economic and simple to assemble. It features snap-click poles and a pillowcase-like graphic that slides over the frame. A large industrial-size zipper is then used to secure the bottom of the graphic. The zipper is hidden from view and ensures that the graphic stays tight on the frame.

The Embrace backlit tension fabric display is a sleek illuminated collapsible display that requires no tools and includes a protective molded case for storage and transit. It has a 7.5ft wide straight silver frame with perimeter channel bars that hold push-fit backlit fabric graphics. Its patent-pending LED lighting attaches easily and is offered as single or double-sided.


If you’re a business owner looking for an eye-catching way to display your brand at trade shows, events, and other promotional occasions, a tension fabric display might be the perfect solution. These displays feature a pillow-case-like graphic that slides over an aluminum frame and zips closed. They’re lightweight and durable, making them an ideal choice for events of all sizes.

Unlike standard banners, stretch fabric graphics are printed using a dye sublimation process. This technique allows the inks to enter into the polyester textile, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting designs. Because the inks become part of the fabric, they’re also easy to machine wash, which helps maintain a clean look.

Aside from their durability, tension fabric displays are also lightweight and easy to assemble. They come with a portable frame and pole set that includes 4 main poles that snap together, as well as two L-shaped pole connectors. Each pole is labeled with a number that corresponds to a matching sticker on the connecting pole parts. The poles are then inserted into the connectors and locked into place with push buttons.

The 20ft Straight Tension Fabric Display features a durable lightweight aluminum hardware and high quality fabric, dye sublimated print with a quick 5-step process to set up. This display is available in single or double sided options. It comes with a hard shipping case that doubles as a counter.

Easy to Customize

Tension fabric displays have become one of the most popular types of display materials for trade shows and other events. tension fabric led display These flexible, customizable displays are lightweight and easy to assemble. They are also durable and can be used indoors or outdoors. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes.

The best way to customize a tension fabric led display is by using the design tool that is included with the product. It is simple and quick to use, allowing you to easily upload your own custom artwork and create a layout. The design tool allows you to rotate your graphics, add text and other elements to the frame.

Another option is to purchase an add-on panel to give your display a 3D look. This panel can be attached to either side of your tension fabric wall. This panel will enhance the visibility of your message, attracting more potential customers to your booth.

The Embrace backlit collapsible fabric display is a sleek illuminated collapsible display that features patent-pending LED lighting and push-fit graphic technology that attaches to channel bars around the perimeter of the frame. Its lightweight interlocking tube hardware is designed for lightning-quick setups, with no tools required. It can be configured as a straight or curved display, with the curved models featuring metal ‘feet’ that help it stand upright.

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