Corrugated Roof Roll Forming Machine

Roll forming uses standard sheet metal to create formed components. Features such as holes, crimps, embossments and shear forms can be added to the parts using a punch application in a pre-punch, mid-line or post-cut die.

On-site roll forming allows you to focus more on installation rather than having to wait for panels to be made and shipped to your location. You can also avoid costs and environmental impacts associated with shipping.

The Basics

Roll forming is the process of bending metal at room temperature to create the desired shape. This type of manufacturing method is efficient and flexible for a number of reasons. For example, it can reduce the amount of energy used to heat up the metal as it bends. This allows you to work with a wide range of materials. It also allows you to produce a finished product with a minimal amount of trimming or finishing.

The resulting finished metal products can be used in a variety of applications, including construction and roofs. Depending on the type of equipment used, the finished metal can be cut to precise lengths or widths with a cutting system. Some systems can even perform additional operations, such as “pre-punching” holes in the metal or notching it.

Portable rollformers give you control over the panels you install for your clients. You can produce the exact amount you need on site without having to wait for shipping or risk damages from freight companies. This is an essential feature for any roofing company that wants to grow its business. In addition, purchasing a portable rollformer is less expensive than starting a traditional metal roofing contracting business from scratch. This makes it easier to justify the initial investment and helps you get your business up and running sooner.


Roll forming allows for tight tolerances across an entire production run and is more cost-effective than other metal bending processes. Roll forming machines are also capable of working with a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which is a benefit for those who have varying project needs. It’s also possible to shape metal that’s been painted, plated, or coated with a roll forming machine, unlike other types of equipment.

Portable roof panel machines also allow contractors to create panels on-site rather than relying on prefabricated pieces from a factory. This can save a great deal of time as well as eliminate any potential damages that could occur during transportation. It can also make it easier to meet deadlines and other requirements for the installation of a new roof or wall siding.

A mobile roll forming machine can produce an unlimited number of profiles, including standard roof tiles and standing seam panels. It begins by uncoiling the material Corrugated Roof Roll Forming Machine from a coil, which then enters the roll forming machinery and is shaped with the desired profile before being cut to length by a shear. The finished product then rolls out onto a conveyor for a worker to retrieve. It’s important to note that while a metal roofing roll forming machine may require manual processing from time to time, the overall process is automated. This reduces labor costs while also ensuring a high level of quality.


The cost of a metal roof and wall panel roll forming machine depends on the type of machinery purchased. The price can also vary based on the number of options and accessories included. Some of these extras may be necessary for your business and others could be considered “nice-to-have” features that will improve the functionality of the equipment.

Buying your own portable roofing and wall panel machine is an investment that will pay off in the long run. When you own your own machine, you’ll have full control over how it is used and how it operates which will increase the value of your investment. You will also have more control over the quality of the products you’re producing which can help to prevent costly mistakes and save time.

A roll forming machine is a device that powers sheet metal through a series of hardened steel rollers that shape it into the desired profile as it goes through. This process can create a wide variety of shapes and sizes including corrugations, closed long sections, and more. The best machines tend to separate the drive and forming rollers which results in less stress being placed on the metal as it’s shaped.

Another factor that can influence the cost of a portable roof and wall panel roll forming machine is how quickly and easily the equipment can be adapted to run new profiles. Some machines will require extensive modification to make new profiles but other models can be changed out in a matter of minutes. Ask the manufacturer about their service / support, parts availability, and training before making your purchase.


In order to get the most out of your new portable roof roll forming machine, you’ll need to keep it properly maintained. This includes cleaning, lubricating, and inspecting on a Corrugated Roof Roll Forming Machine regular basis to prevent problems and produce quality panels. Incorporating this into your daily routine will make a huge difference in how your equipment performs and how much it costs to run.

Cleanliness: Cleaner machines are easier to work on and can be inspected more closely for potential problems like a bearing going out or a loose gear. Inspecting the machine on a regular basis will help you catch these issues before they cause a major breakdown.

Lubrication: Roll forming machines have many different components that need to be properly lubricated to ensure proper operation. This includes the tooling (if required), the bearings, and the gears. It’s best to follow the OEM recommended lubrication schedule and check these areas on a regular basis to avoid premature wear that leads to expensive repairs.

Inspect the gaps in the tooling on a regular basis to ensure that they are set correctly for the material you’re running. This will not only prevent damage to the tooling but also ensure that you’re producing a high-quality part for your customers.

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