AR Prescription Glasses

AR glasses are a new type of wearable that overlays digital information over a person’s field of vision. They are usually light and portable and can be worn over traditional prescription glasses.

AR coating allows more of the light to pass through the lens, which results in better clarity of vision and less eye strain. It is especially useful for those who use computers, drive at night or read in low-light conditions.

1. Increased Visibility

AR glasses are electronic eyewear that add a layer of digital information to the real world. This can be anything from a map to text or images, and even a live video feed. It’s a great way to keep hands free without compromising safety or visibility.

For instance, a firefighter could wear AR glasses to project blueprints of the property onto their helmet so they can safely navigate a building without taking their hands off the equipment. Or, an engineer can use instructions and manuals delivered in AR format to troubleshoot equipment or complete a task.

In addition, many AR lenses come with an anti-reflective (AR) coating to reduce glare in harsh environments. This allows more light to pass through the lens, reducing eye strain and headaches caused by glare. Ask your VSP network doctor about AR coatings for your glasses today!

2. Reduced Eye Strain

Eyestrain is a condition that happens when your eyes get tired. It’s usually the result of overworking muscles around your eyes that have to constantly adjust to focus on a screen or other ar prescription glasses object. This can cause your eyes to become dry, irritated, and achy. It’s important to take breaks and reduce the amount of time you spend working on screens.

A good pair of glasses can help prevent eye strain, including ones with anti-reflective coating. This helps cut down glare that can occur from any light source, whether it’s your computer screen, bright sunlight, or headlights. The lenses are also customized to fit the distance between your pupils, called your pupillary distance (PD). An incorrect PD can lead to blurry or uncomfortable vision.

Unlike regular glasses, the AR computers’ opaque display doesn’t require your eyes to focus at close range. Instead, the CGI is projected through parallel light that naturally focuses on the central retina(=macula). This means that both ciliary and medial rectus muscles remain relaxed which could significantly alleviate eye fatigue from long-term close reading.

3. Scratch Resistant

A scratch resistant coating makes your lenses more durable, so they’re less likely to become damaged or scuffed over time. They can help reduce eye fatigue caused by glare, and they look much more attractive than uncoated lenses.

Some coatings also provide anti-reflective properties, which eliminate reflections that can distract from your eyes. This helps to improve night vision and prevents blue light exposure that can cause digital eye strain.

Other anti-reflective coatings like ZEISS DuraVision Platinum, feature special minerals that make the surface of your lenses super hard and smooth. This reduces glare and reflections significantly and provides a near-clear appearance. It ar prescription glasses also repels dust, dirt, and smudges for easier cleaning.

Keep in mind that while a scratch-resistant coating is important, it doesn’t offer complete protection against wear and tear. To ensure your glasses are protected, store them in a cushioned case and clean them often using the recommended solution. Also, be wary of products that claim to repair or remove scratches on your lenses as they may not fill in all the marks and cannot completely restore your lenses to a new appearance.

4. Better Eye Health

With long-term use, AR computer prevents eye fatigue due to prolonged contraction of the ciliary and medial rectus muscles. The opaque display protects the eyeball and macula, and enables users to face the sun with sunlight as background light. This promotes good health and helps to reduce the use of artificial light, saving energy.

For patients with retinitis pigmentosa, which causes decreased peripheral vision, this type of AR can help them see obstacles that they would otherwise miss. The software can highlight potential obstacles with bright colors on the glasses, which makes it easier for these individuals to perform simple tasks and live more independent lives.

One of the most popular lens enhancement options available for prescription eyewear is anti-reflective coating, also known as AR or anti-glare. This coating decreases the amount of light that reflects off of the lens, improving vision in low-light conditions and helping to reduce halos around lights at night. Additionally, this coating repels moisture to fight smudges and keep your lenses clean. For more information on these and other lens enhancement options, book an eye exam with us today.

5. Better Aesthetics

For AR users who need prescription glasses, high index lenses can offer a thinner and lighter option than standard plastic or glass lenses. They can also reduce distortion, which may cause issues for some people with strong prescriptions.

Aside from making your eyes feel comfortable and healthy, anti-reflective coating can make your glasses look more attractive. This is because the coating lets light pass through your lenses instead of bouncing off them, causing the lens to appear cloudy or dirty.

Released in 2019, the Snap Spectacles 3 were the first pair of AR sunglasses that offered a combination of comfort and aesthetics. They feature two cameras that can capture stills and videos, and they can be used as a normal pair of glasses or attached to a cardboard viewer for viewing. The Spectacles 3 also have two speakers, four microphones, and 4GB flash storage. Unlike some other AR devices, the Spectacles 3 don’t have internal processing capabilities; they tether to handheld devices like smartphones for all their functionality. This makes them more lightweight and aesthetically pleasing than many other AR devices, but it sacrifices some of the immersive experience that most users expect from their AR glasses.

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