Injection Vial Filling Machine

The injection vial filling machine can handle various types of liquids. It can also be used to fill powders, which is ideal for pharmaceutical applications. Its design allows for a smooth transition from one process to the next, which reduces the risk of contamination and loss of product.

This system uses LED visualization to track the flow of the product between the SVP250 LF processing machine and the ALF 5000 filling and closing machine. It also features a combi configuration that processes ampules and injection bottles.

Injectable liquid filling lines

If you want to produce high-quality pharmaceutical vials, consider investing in an automatic liquid filling line. These machines can improve productivity and boost your company’s revenues. They can also help you create a more consistent product. They can even reduce the risk of leakage and product contamination.

The vial filling and rubber stoppering machine is a complete solution that can handle all the process steps from ultrasonic bottle washing to drying sterilization. It is a modular system and can be configured to meet your specific requirements. It can also be integrated with other equipment such as isolators and freeze-drying systems.

These machines can be used for a variety of pharmaceutical applications, including injectable liquids and freeze-dried powder injections. The machine has a capacity of up to 120 vials per minute, depending on the size of the vial and the volume of the liquid. The machine is equipped with a piston pump for liquid dispensing, a digital counter, and a capping machine.

The machine is built in a Stainless Steel 316L framework, with all contact parts made of SS 316. It is designed to ensure accurate, reproducible vial filling and sealing for a wide range of products. It can be operated using a single or double track conveyor and is equipped with multiple filling nozzles. Moreover, it has a built-in turn table at the in-feed and out-feed for automatic feeding of bottles.

Vial filling and rubber stoppering machine

The vial filling and rubber stoppering machine is a pharmaceutical grade sterile liquid filling system. This system consists of a conveyor that moves the bottles to the filling head, where it is filled with a liquid and then sealed. The conveyor then moves the vials to a rubber stoppering station, where they are pressed against a stopper. This process is repeated until all the vials are filled and sealed. The machine is fully automatic, making it easy to use and clean.

The Four/Six head Vial Filling and Bunging Machine can be used to fill injectable glass vials. The basic unit consists of a turntable and a Stainless Steel stat conveyor injection filling machine belt. It also has a unique eccentric pre-gassing, filling and post-gassing nozzles. It has a compact panel and is designed for operation in a sterile area. The minimal distance between the filling and bunging units reduces contamination risk.

The incoming dry vials are fed through the unscrambler and suitably guided on the moving Stainless Steel slat conveyor belt at the required speed for correct placement below the filling unit. The filling unit consists of syringes and nozzles, both made of Stainless Steel 316L material for cGMP compliance. During filling operation, the nozzles are centered on the vial and then pumped with the specified volume of liquid. The vials are then delivered to the rubber stoppering unit which is mounted on same platform. The star wheel holds the vial during the rubber stoppering operation, and then it is pressed by a fix pressing roller for a secure seal. The duly stopped vials further move on the conveyor and collected on the out feed turn table or on to the conveyor of the vial aluminum cap sealing machine for Cap sealing operations.

Pharmaceutical vial filling machine

The pharmaceutical vial filling and rubber stoppering machine is a fully automated process line that carries out the washing, sterilizing, and filling of glass or plastic vials. It can be used for various liquid products, including vaccines, viral vectors, orphan drugs, cell and gene therapies, sensitive proteins and biosimilars, pharmacopoeias, generics, and veterinary medicines. This type of machine is designed for speed, precision, and ease of operation.

The SS slat conveyor in these machines ensures effortless movement of empty sterilized vials through the machine. These are then transferred to the filling station, where they are filled with appropriate medicine. The machine’s filling heads can have multiple nozzles for faster operations. They can also be equipped with a no-vial no-fill arrangement for maximum efficiency.

Following the filling process, the container or vials are capped to form a preliminary seal. This is an important step that helps maintain the high standards of pharma and medicine production. It also provides protection against external contamination and bacterial infections. Some facilities may even use lyophilization at this stage to further enhance the quality of their product.

This process is highly regulated and requires a lot of technical expertise to handle the machinery. It is also critical to follow best practices in order to ensure that the medicine is safe for human consumption.

Injection vial powder filling machine

The injection vial powder filling machine is a high-performance pharmaceutical machine that combines washing, sterilizing, and filling. The machine is designed to meet the needs of the injection filling machine pharmaceutical industry and is available in several models. It is designed to receive sterile vials, and then places a rubber stopper on the head of each vial. It also has sensors that monitor the position of the vials and stop the process if there is no vial in the machine.

The machine can achieve processing such as ultrasonic bottle washing, three time water rinsing, three times air spraying, sterilization and dehydrogenation, cooling, liquid filling, protection gaseous filling (nitrogen) and stoppering. The machines can be used independently or in a linkage line and can be a fully automatic production machine. The control system of the injection vial powder filling machine uses PLC with touch screen, and it can display running status of each unit machine, water pressures and gas pressures, and temperature. It can also self-diagnose faults and provide solutions. It can be equipped with various servo systems from Delta, Mitsubishi, and Rockwell.

The vial powder filling machine is an advanced machine that can reduce the risk of drug cross-contamination. The vial filling and rubber stoppering process takes place in a sterile environment under laminar flow protection. This eliminates dead ends and difficult-to-clean spots. The machine can also be configured to accommodate different sizes of glass vials.

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