LED 2 Inch Work Light

Whether you’re doing a DIY project, fixing the car or lighting up your garden, this cordless work light makes it easy to illuminate any space. Its 46 LED bulbs generate a powerful beam of light. It also comes with a carabiner clip and a nail hook for easy attachment.

Its power options include AC power, rechargeable batteries and solar power. Its adjustable knobs allow you to direct the light 90 degrees up or down and 360 degrees around.


LED work lights are available in a variety of brightness levels, measured in lumens. A single lumen is equal to the light produced by a burning candle, so look for a model that creates sufficient illumination to illuminate the area you want to work in.

If you need to work in areas where heat is a concern, choose an LED work light with a heat sink to keep the bulb from overheating. Heat sinks distribute the heat that is produced by LED bulbs so they aren’t concentrated in one spot. However, they still produce some heat, so don’t touch a working LED work light while it is turned on.

Newer LED work lights use chip-on-board (COB) technology to pack more LEDs into a smaller space. This allows them to provide brighter illumination with lower power consumption. For example, the Golight GXL 4021 LED work light uses four 2 Inch Led Work Light LED clusters in a small package to generate up to 4,500 lumens. This work light has a wide beam angle and can be focused by rotating the lens to direct the light where needed.

The COB LED pocket work light from CAT is designed to fit in the pocket of a bib or jacket, but its powerful LEDs can also brighten a workspace. It has a pocket clip and magnetic base to secure it in place, and it can be used as a hand-held flashlight or mounted on a metal surface. Its battery lasts up to seven hours, and it rates at 6300-7000 Kelvin for illumination similar to sunlight.

Power Source

The power source of a work light determines how bright it is and how long it can run before it needs to be plugged in. Most work lights use an LED light bulb, which is typically powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional bulbs, and they last longer, making them a better choice for a worklight. Some worklights also have a switch that lets you turn the light on and off without using your hands.

A good work light is essential for anyone who does a lot of outdoor work or works in poorly lit areas. It can improve safety by allowing you to see the task at hand, and it can help reduce eye strain and fatigue. It can also help you complete tasks more efficiently. A well-designed worklight is easy to install and can be used on a variety of vehicles and equipment.

There are many different types of LED worklights on the market, including tower lights, handheld lights, and hanging lights. Some of them are cordless, while others require a power tool battery or extension cord. You can also find hybrid options that are both cordless and plug in, such as the Makita 18V LXT Radius Site Light. This model has a high mode that uses up to 750 lumens, and it can run for a full day on one battery charge. It also features a 450-lumen low mode for less intense lighting.


A great work light should be easy to transport, whether you’re using it for camping trips or to illuminate a dark garage. Look for cordless models that run on rechargeable batteries instead of requiring permanent connection to power outlets. They are also often lighter in design, making them easier to carry.

For workspaces that require permanent power, consider a model with a standard cord length. It can help prevent tripping hazards and provides sufficient illumination for most jobs. Some of these lights come with a cord lock that helps prevent the cable from accidentally getting pulled loose and creating a hazard.

Depending on the type of work you do, you may also need to consider the size and shape of the LED light. For example, tower work lights can illuminate large areas, while handheld models provide a bright, focused beam that you can use to highlight a specific area or tool.

For maximum portability, choose an LED work light with a built-in handle 2 Inch Led Work Light or magnetic base that can be used to hold the light in place. This makes it easy to move around the work site and light up difficult-to-reach spaces without having to get out a ladder. Also, look for a work light with heat sinks that distribute heat so the bulb doesn’t overheat. This is a key feature for long-term use, as overheating can damage an LED lamp over time.


If you want a work light that’s easy to install but can also provide blinding brightness, consider a LED work light. These compact lights are designed for trucks, jeeps, atvs, utvs, boats, and other vehicles. They are affordable and come in a variety of styles and beam patterns. Many of them are plug-and-play options that make installation a breeze.

This high-quality LED work light is made with a sturdy aluminum alloy housing and powder coat finish for corrosion resistance. It has passed strict tests and is waterproof up to 3.3 feet for 30 minutes, and it can resist extreme heat and dust. It is perfect for trailer, forklift, excavator, bulldozer, crane, harvester, sand rail, plow, snowplow, tractors and other 10-30 volt heavy equipments & vehicles. The super bright light beam can easily dispel darkness and dark area, ensuring working safety at night.

The Grote LED Limited Warranty applies only to Grote products which are used, installed and maintained in accordance with the instructions and procedures recommended by Grote. The warranty is void if the Product is damaged due to accident, abuse, or misuse or if it has been altered or modified. It does not cover costs for transportation, labor, or replacement of other parts, and it excludes any statutory warranties or conditions. In addition, the warranty does not apply to damage caused by chemical cleaners or acid type washes.

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