Magnetic Light Boxes

Light boxes are used to help treat SAD and bipolar disorder. They work by delivering a therapeutic dose of bright light. While these devices can be beneficial, they should always be used under the guidance of a health care provider.

This LED magnetic light box display has an etched matrix acrylic grid that can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientation. It has a sleek and modern design and is low in maintenance and energy running costs.


A light box is a flat workspace that allows artists to trace images or patterns from one surface to another. Many artists find this tool a huge time-saver and a satisfyingly efficient way to work. It also provides the ability to view images with greater clarity than a regular workspace. This makes them ideal for retail and hospitality environments where graphics need to be clearly displayed.

This LED magnetic light box has a sleek, modern appearance with its frameless front cover and slimline design that is less than one inch deep. It is a great alternative to traditional snap frames and can be used in a variety of indoor applications including retail showrooms, corporate offices, universities and trade show booths.

It uses edge-lit technology to evenly illuminate a poster or graphic. The light is guided through magnetic light boxes an etched matrix acrylic grid that creates a bright display of your visual graphics. This display is low in maintenance and energy running costs making it an affordable choice for your next graphic application.

This 22 x 28 framed LED magnetic lightbox is perfect for displaying posters, signs, photography and more. Its frame is made of aluminum and has a magnetic lens that lifts off for easy poster changes. It can be wall mounted and comes with swivel lock feet for added stability. The LED lighting is pre-attached to the frame, so you can simply attach your graphics and plug in.


A magnetic light box is the perfect way to create a work area for any kind of design, drawing or tracing job. Its LED lights are bright enough to reveal even the thickest types of paper and it also protects your eyesight by preventing eye strain. This is especially important if you will be working on this type of work for long periods of time.

Another advantage of this device is its ability to remember the brightness level you last used. This will save you time and effort as you don’t have to keep adjusting the screen to find your preferred setting. It is also easy to carry around as it is very lightweight and comes with a sturdy carrying case.

The Magno Slim magnetic lightbox is ideal for a wide range of indoor advertising and display graphics applications. It is a sleeker alternative to snap frames and features a magnetic front sheet which lifts off for quick and easy poster changes. It is very stylish in a silver or black aluminium profile and is backlit with high brightness and long life LEDs. It can be wall mounted or hang suspended using the cable hanging kit to the top of the profile. This unit is supplied flat packed with foam protectors for safe shipping and storage. It is also CE certified.


The Mlife LED light box is a great option for those looking for a durable and versatile model. It is thin and portable, and it comes with a USB cable for powering on and off. It’s also energy efficient and doesn’t have any flickering issues. The lighting is even and can be adjusted as needed with the touch of a button. This LED light pad is perfect for stenciling, drawing, 2D animation, and calligraphy.

The magnetic face LED light box has a sleek, frameless design that makes it ideal for boutiques and other upscale interiors. It also has advanced eyesight protection technology, which means it won’t cause your eyes to get sore or strained after working for long hours. It also features a single-touch button that lets you adjust the screen’s brightness.

Inside the box, the dead-ended wire has a special connecting method that allows it to return magnetic current to the generator. This process creates a molecular reaction that manifests as bright light. However, the magnetic pressure is kept in check by a clean #40 copper wire that acts as a fuse. This allows the magnetic energy to build up, but it’s not enough to produce a lot of heat. This is a very durable model and will last a long time if you handle it with care.


The best magnetic light boxes are designed to be as safe as possible for the user. They use LED bulbs that emit low levels of heat, and are more efficient than fluorescent models. They also consume less energy, lowering operational costs and maintenance costs. They are ideal for businesses that want to display visuals and images, but don’t have the space or budget for a traditional light box.

The magnetic face lightbox is a sleek, stylish way to illuminate your posters or images. It features a frameless front cover that gives it a clean, elegant look. It is available in a variety of sizes and has multiple power options. You can choose from a USB, AC magnetic light boxes adapter, or battery. There are also various brightness settings to adjust your display. The multi-button layout prevents you from accidentally mashing one button and turning off your display.

While prolonged exposure to light can damage your eyes, this risk depends on the type and intensity of the illumination used. For this reason, you should always check with your health care provider before using a light box for art.

The Cosuntech 22 x 28 magnetized frameless LED light box is perfect for displays of graphics, photography, and posters. This eye-catching LED display is an excellent choice for a showroom, corporate facilities, hotel, or university lobby. It is made of an ultra-thin light guide panel with a white backing that brightly highlights your poster. This LED light box is UL certified and is designed to conserve energy.

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