Wall Soundproofing Panels

Noise pollution can be detrimental to productivity in a workspace and even cause hearing loss over time. Cutting out unwanted noises allows for more focus and can even help to lower stress levels in employees.

Wall soundproofing panels come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can find foam panels that are even printed with artwork.

1. ATS Acoustics Mondrian Panels

If you’re looking for a wall soundproofing solution that can handle low and high frequencies, these ATS Mondrian panels are a solid choice. They’re built with an internal structure of Roxul mineral wool insulation, making them extremely durable and sturdy. They have a 2-inch thick wooden frame, and the outside is covered with a fire resistant polyester Guilford of Maine fabric. They’re also designed to be hung from ceilings, with z clips available for staggered mounting.

These soundproofing panels are relatively lightweight and may feel cushion-like to the touch, but they’re highly effective at absorbing echoes in rooms of all sizes. They can even reduce reverberations from large auditoriums, helping listeners understand speech and enjoy music without straining. These panels are great for home studios, office environments, gaming setups and noisy apartments.

The way they work is simple: install them on the hard surfaces where sound waves reach first when leaving the source. This will vary from room to room, but it’s generally best to use these panels along long walls. They have a good NRC rating of 0.79 for low and mid frequencies, but don’t work as well against lower bass notes. They’re also class B rated for fire resistance, so they’ll keep your room safe from fire and smoke. These acoustic panels are available in 4 by 2-foot sizes with 7 different nature-inspired designs, and they come with all the hardware you need for installation.

2. Acoustic Design Works Regular Panels

Acoustic Design Works is one of the best-known brands of acoustic panels on the market, and their Regular Panels are another excellent option. These 48-by-24-inch panels are only an inch thick, but they can still help reduce reverberations significantly. They also have a nice, neutral look that should work well in most rooms.

Like other acoustic panel products, the main benefit of these panels is their ability to absorb sound waves rather than reflect them. This dramatically cuts down on reverberations and echoing, making it easier for people in the room to hear each other. They’re ideal for offices, conference rooms, studios, and other spaces where people will be talking to each other or listening to music.

These panels are simple to install, too, thanks to the included installation hardware. The mounting clips are wall soundproofing panels made of steel, and they attach to the back of the panel using screws. The clips are then secured to the wall or ceiling using black screws or nails. This means that there’s no need to use adhesives, which may be a good thing if you’re worried about drilling into your walls or ceiling.

In addition to reducing noise pollution, these panels can help improve the health of those who spend time in the room. Excessive noise can cause stress, disrupt sleep patterns, and even interfere with cognitive performance. Acoustic panels can also be used to add a stylish, elevated look to any space.

3. Pro Studio Soundproof Panels

The best acoustic panels for walls eliminate standing waves and reduce undesired sound reflections that can make recordings of voices or wall soundproofing panels instruments sound strange, hollow and out of focus. They also reduce outside noise and other unwanted sounds. They are compliant with all flammability standards and can be used in small and large spaces.

These wall soundproofing panels are made of a special type of foam that’s fire-resistant, and they come in a six-pack in blue or black so you can match them to your studio. They’re about two inches thick, which gives them good sound-absorbing power to help you get clearer and crisper recordings in your home recording studio. They have a “hexagonal” design that makes them look stylish as well.

You can hang them up like wall art by using the included pre-affixed adhesive tape, or you can mount them on a wall with other types of glue that won’t damage the surface. If you use the adhesive method, remember to leave space between each panel to avoid a gap that allows sound to escape and carry into adjacent rooms.

Unlike cheap acoustic foam that’s often found on Amazon, these panels have a high quality construction and won’t smell or crumble over time. They’re more durable than similar products, and they have an NRC rating that indicates a good level of absorption. This is a more reliable measure of performance than SRC ratings that don’t include absorption below 250 Hz, where most problematic frequencies exist.

4. Acoustic Design Works Mondrian Kits

Acoustic Design Works produces acoustic treatment materials that are intended to improve the acoustics in homes, home studios, theaters, offices, and other spaces. Their products come in various sizes and colors to suit the needs of different spaces. The company offers a wide range of products including sound blocking panels, absorption, and diffusors. Their acoustic panels are made from a variety of materials including fiberglass, acoustic foam, and other composite materials. These are tested and given an NRC rating, which is a measure of how effectively the material absorbs sounds.

Their Mondrian kits are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a splash of color to their walls while still improving acoustics. The set comes with four panels of varying color that can be staggered to create an artistic pattern that mimics the artwork of Piet Mondrian. The panels themselves are made of acoustic fiberglass with an overlay of Guilford fabric. These are thin panels, only an inch thick, but they do have a 1.0 NRC rating and will work well to reduce reverberations and noises.

Another great option is the Acoustimac DMD Stagger Panels. These are black and gray-colored panels that you can stagger together. They have a high NRC rating of 0.95 and can help with both low- and high-frequency sounds. They also have a fire-rated rating and can be installed using double-sided tape or tacks.

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