Upgrade Your Car With Projector Headlight Kits

Upgrade your car with a projector headlight kit for an incredibly powerful, bright lighting experience. These headlights aim down versus aiming upward like traditional reflector headlights, minimizing the amount of light spilled onto oncoming drivers.

Find a wide selection of easy-to-install universal or vehicle-specific projector kits from top brands like Morimoto. Use the ‘Choose Your Car’ filter on this page to narrow down your options and pick out the perfect upgrade for your vehicle.

Increased Visibility

For drivers who are looking to upgrade their old, reflector-based headlights, a projector is an excellent option. These components are designed to focus intense light into a tightly-organized, crisp cut-off line that will prevent glare for oncoming traffic and give your car an instantly sleeker look.

A projector headlight will use a lens to shape and aim the beam pattern down toward the road. It also has a shroud that will help to minimize light retrofit projector headlights spill and keep your car’s look clean. Some projectors will use a halogen bulb, while others will come with HID bulbs that offer more intense light output.

The lens is also designed to evenly distribute this intense light across a specific beam pattern, and the shutter will ensure that only the precise amount of light needed gets through at any given moment. This is especially important during high-beam mode, as a brighter bulb will often cause massive amounts of glare for oncoming drivers.

The great thing about this system is that it can be easily installed into your vehicle’s existing headlight housing. There are a few companies, like Morimoto and Alpharex, that make both universal and vehicle-specific kits with everything you need to complete the installation yourself. Once you’ve found the perfect kit for your car, the process will be as simple as parking your vehicle, marking the stock beam-height on a wall, disassembling your headlights, cutting the original reflectors to fit the new projectors in place, and re-mounting them without the lens cover.

Better Night Vision

The elliptical-shaped projectors in projector headlights help focus intense light into an extremely tight, organized beam pattern that effectively illuminates the road ahead of you without blinding other drivers. This is why high-end cars use projectors, and why aftermarket headlights have largely moved away from reflectors.

In addition to the sharp cutoff line that helps you see the road better, projectors also reduce glare from oncoming traffic and other drivers in your own lane. This is an important safety feature that can help you avoid accidents and keep your driving experience safe.

While there are plenty of different types of projector headlights on the market, you’ll want to choose a pair that will work well with your specific vehicle. Most of the time, a dual-beam projector will be best for most applications. This type will have a projector for the low beam and a reflector for the high beam. Some companies, like Morimoto, offer a hybrid style that uses both a projector and a reflector for the best possible results.

Installing a set of projector headlights is usually the easiest option if you’re upgrading from a factory reflector headlight assembly. This will likely be a plug-and-play process, with no cutting or soldering required. However, if you’re installing new headlights from the ground up, this may be a more involved process. You’ll need to open up your headlights and remove the reflector internals, but there are universal kits available that will make this a much easier process.

Sleek Appearance

In addition to the many benefits that projector headlights offer, they also give your vehicle a more stylish look than reflector-style headlights. They are a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their car’s appearance without going for an extreme or expensive modification. In fact, they can even be cheaper than replacing your reflector bulbs.

A projector’s primary function is to focus intense light into a tightly-organized beam pattern. It does this by using retrofit projector headlights a cut-off shield to direct the light down toward the road and prevent it from blinding oncoming traffic. This means that you will never have to worry about other drivers’ eyes being burned by your bright lights.

When choosing a projector headlight kit, it’s important to make sure that the company puts quality and performance first. Avoid brands like Spec-D or Spyder, as they often use low-quality halogen projectors that can cause poor lighting and reduce your visibility. Instead, go for a top-notch brand like Morimoto or GTR Lighting.

Both of these companies offer both universal and vehicle-specific kits that will fit your specific model. They will come with everything you need to complete the retrofit, including new projectors, shrouds, and bulbs. You may need to trim the shrouds a bit for the perfect fit in your headlight housing, but this is easy and quick with a Dremel hand tool and EZ Lock cutting wheels.

Easy Installation

If you’re looking to upgrade your headlights with HID bulbs or a more modern, laser performing projector but don’t want to deal with the hassle of opening up your housings, we recommend you call a company that specializes in retrofitting. They will make the process a lot easier and save you time. Two of the most popular companies in the industry are BX Built and Kustom 54 Lighting. They both specialize in Toyota and have the ability to pre-open your housings so you don’t have to go through the long process of prying them open yourself.

Installing a projector kit is one of the easiest upgrades you can do to your vehicle. There are a wide variety of universal kits that come with everything you need to get started. We also have specific kits for a variety of different vehicles. Use the filter at the top of the page to find the right one for your car.

You can add on extras to your new projector headlights such as halo rings or demon eyes that light up when turned on. We also have a number of etched lens options that give your headlights a more custom look. These are great for showing off your personal style or if you have a custom paint job on your ride.

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