hotel door locks

Hotel Door Locks

Hotel door locks are vital to keeping guests safe and secure. There are many different lock options available to hotels, depending on their needs and budget.

Unlike traditional keys, connected hotel locks share real-time access logs with property teams. This allows them to track when travellers first check in and gain access to their rooms.

Smart locks

A smart hotel lock is a secure way to control guest access to your property. It can also monitor the behavior of guests and prevent fraud. These locks allow you to change the door code to something unique for each guest, and they are easy to use. They can be locked with a keycard, PIN code, or smartphone app, and they have a minimalist design that blends seamlessly into your decor.

A great option for vacation rental businesses, smart locks can be controlled remotely using an online platform such as Operto Connect(tm). This makes it possible to create digital keys and send them directly to guests’ smartphones without having to wait for them at the front desk. This system can even help fight chargebacks, which are a common problem for short term rentals.

Another advantage of smart locks is that hotel door locks they are battery powered, so they work even when the electricity goes out. Many of them come with an emergency power bank that can be used as a backup in case the batteries run out.

Keyless locks

While door locks might seem like a minor part of the guest experience, they can play a significant role in guests’ feeling of safety and security. Traditional physical keys are difficult to replace if they go missing, and people can pick locks. Modern hotel keyless locks offer a more convenient and secure alternative. These locks work by using a pin code, making them more resistant to theft and unauthorized access.

Many hotels are turning to these new systems to improve their guests’ experience. These systems can connect to PMSs such as Operto, allowing staff to track access, manage room status, and more at a single glance. They can also work with noise monitoring systems such as Netatmo to prevent excessive noise from guests and other residents.

Keyless lock systems can be easily installed by any experienced technician, and most models have detailed instructions. They can also be retrofitted to existing doors and are compatible with different hotel room types and aesthetics. For example, Dormakaba offers a wide range of locks that are compatible with both RFID cards and mobile devices.

RFID cards

An RFID hotel lock is a digital lock that uses an RFID card to open the door. Its technology offers a number of advantages compared to traditional magnetic stripe locks. It also allows for more extensive security parameters and an audit trail of who has entered the room. This type of lock is ideal for commercial properties that want to improve their guest experience.

The card’s microchip contains a serial number that is transmitted to the reader when the user approaches the lock. The reader then verifies the information and allows the user to access the building. This type of system can help you meet modern guests’ expectations while reducing maintenance costs.

In addition to providing hotel guests with a more convenient entrance, RFID cards also allow them to use the same card to enter the property’s other facilities and amenities. This includes the gym, pool, conference rooms, and other common areas. This will make the entire hotel experience more seamless. This will help you boost your hotel’s reputation as a forward-thinking brand that focuses on a positive guest experience.

Swing bar door guards

Swing bar door guards work with hotel door locks to provide an extra layer of security. They are made of heavy-duty steel and can be installed on doors that swing inward. They are also portable and lightweight, making them perfect for hotel stays and vacation rentals. They are TSA-compliant and come with their own carrying pouch for easy travel.

The guards fit between the hinges and block the gap where force can be exerted on the lock. They can be opened slightly for ventilation or viewing, but not entirely – unless the person inside the room releases the bar. These types of security systems are great for those looking to add another level of protection without having to make major changes to the structure or look.

Other security enhancements include reinforced strike plates and hinge guards, which are designed to spread the force of an attack across a larger area and more screw attachment points, making it harder to break or pull off the door frame. These can be purchased individually or in kits that also include a latch protector.

Door jammers

Door jammers and door braces are a great way to keep someone out of your hotel room. They are easy to use and designed for travel, so they’re a great option for people who often take business trips or vacations. A door jammer can easily be slipped into a luggage bag or backpack, making it the perfect solution for anyone who wants to feel more secure on their next trip.

Most door jammers have things like adjustable bases and a part that grabs onto the door. This makes them quite sturdy, and they can hotel door locks withstand a lot of force. Some models even have a screw that tightens to set the device in place. Some are even designed to lock into the door frame, which adds additional security.

The only drawback of a door jammer is that it requires a small gap under the door to work. This means that it won’t work on French doors or hinged doors, and may not be compatible with all floors. If you’re thinking about using a door jammer, be sure to read the product description to see whether it will work with your floor type.

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