double sided lightbox

Double Sided Lightbox

A double-sided lightbox is ideal for displaying advertising in your window. It will attract patrons walking past your business and will also be eye-catching for consumers inside the store.

These illuminated poster holders are made of durable materials for long-lasting use. They feature a silkscreen acrylic LGP that diffuses light evenly and reduces hot spots.

Easy to assemble

Double sided lightboxes, also known as backlit poster holders, are easy to assemble. They use LED lighting to illuminate your graphic and create a captivating display. These displays are a great choice for retail environments because they are lightweight and portable. The LED lights are also very energy efficient. This allows the displays to remain lit even after hours of use.

They’re available in various sizes to fit your space and budget. They come with a padded carry bag for easy transport to trade shows. The bags are equipped with durable expanded polystyrene liners that protect the hardware and graphics inside. The bags can also be used for storage after the show.

The frame is made of anodized aluminum and has powerful integrated eco-friendly LED lights. The lights are custom designed to provide an even glow over your graphic. The frame design also ensures that illumination is dispersed evenly across the entire profile – unlike other backlit displays with shadowy centers or bands.

The back of the frame is also available with a blockout panel to prevent light leakage and create a more uniform appearance. There are also connectors built into the ends of each LED module that can be connected together to form longer modules, allowing you to easily build larger lightboxes. They can be powered with either 110v or 240v power supplies.

Easy to change graphics

The lightbox popup is an excellent way to increase conversions on your website. This type of popup removes other distractions on the page and allows you to make a call to action easily. Whether you’re an ecommerce site trying to upsell products or a nonprofit trying to get a one-time donation, the lightbox popup can help.

The new SEGO modular lightbox is the perfect tool for bringing your brand to life. Its advanced double sided lightbox technology combines innovation with intuition. Its sleek aluminum profile has a smooth outside finish and features two feet for stability. Its UL certified LED lights are pre-installed in the profiles and its magnetic electrical connectors keep wires hidden from view. The lightbox is also portable and configurable. Its durable foam cut carry bag makes it easy to transport and keeps all parts and pieces protected.

The Vector Frame lightbox features a durable 100mm extruded aluminum frame with SEG (sewn-in-edge) backlit fabric graphics and LED edge lighting. It is available in single or double-sided graphic configurations. It comes with a block out liner to seal in the light and provide a glow effect on the graphic. This display is ideal for use in retail stores, malls and lobbies.

Easy to install

The double sided lightbox is ideal for businesses looking to catch the attention of passersby, especially those in high traffic areas. These eye-catching signs are available in several sizes and are easy to install. You can also use them for window displays, as they are highly visible from both sides. They are also very durable and will not damage easily.

One of the best features of these LED light boxes is that they are easy to set up and change out. They are usually made from acrylic, which is slightly flexible and shatterproof. This allows the graphics to be changed without damaging the top surface. In addition, the LEDs are low-powered and won’t overheat or burn the top surface.

This backlit trade show display is a new twist on the standard lightbox. It uses a silicone edged fabric (SEG) to illuminate your custom graphic. The LED lights are affixed to the backside of the frame, making this display extremely lightweight and versatile. It comes with bungee corded tubing for simple assembly and is easy to transport. The entire kit packs into a CA700 hard molded case, providing extra protection for shipping and storage.

This illuminated trade show display is designed to take SEG backlit graphics and can be assembled in minutes. This toolless setup makes it a great option for retail stores, shopping malls and airports. Its UL listed LED edge lighting provides bright, even illumination and is 80% more energy efficient than fluorescent bulbs.

Easy to clean

While it may seem like SEG fabric lightbox technology is sophisticated and requires an expert to install, it actually is quite simple. The first step is to make sure that your frame has a flat surface on which it can rest and connect to the LEDs. This will help prevent double sided lightbox any damage to your frame and keep the LEDs from getting hot and causing burns on your table. The best surface is acrylic, which is slightly flexible and shatterproof.

Another important consideration when buying a lightbox is its utility space. Many artists prefer to have a small tray or shelf at the top of their display, where they can store pencils and other supplies. This will allow them to work quickly and efficiently.

The One Choice Lightbox features a beautiful and stylish design that makes it perfect for a backdrop in a trade show booth or as a freestanding structure. This backlit display is fully illuminated with pre-installed LED edge lights and includes a lightweight aluminum frame with a smooth finish on the outside and two feet for stability. The custom SEG dye-sub backlit fabric graphics are easily installed by pushing the silicone edges into the frame’s recessed grooves.

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