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Women Suits – The Perfect Choice For Formal and Casual Occasions

Women Suits have long been a go-to style for women in need of a dressier alternative to cocktail dresses. But now, thanks to the slick tailoring seen on the Fall 2023 catwalks, this look feels more modern than ever.

For a modern look, try pairing a blazer and pants in the same color. This trick helps balance a pear shape, and can also make you look taller.

The history of the pantsuit

The pantsuit was born in the 20th century, a sartorial icon that reflects women’s fight for equality. Before this, women only wore trousers for work, sports and travel. As feminism—the social movement to gain full and equal rights for women—grew more powerful, it became important for females to show they could hold their own in professional settings. As a result, suits with matching trousers and skirts—or pantsuits—became increasingly commonplace.

In 1914, Coco Chanel created the first iconic suit that was designed and tailored specifically for women. Though the silhouette of her tuxedo-style jacket and knee-length skirt was inspired by menswear, she adapted the look for women. She and other designers like Yves Saint Laurent helped to usher in the pantsuit as a symbol of the modern woman.

The sartorial revolution continued into the 1930s, when Hollywood starlet Marlene Dietrich turned international perceptions of women’s fashion on its head. Her glamorous style was exemplified in her film Morocco, where she wore a tuxedo and caused a sensation that led to more women trying the look.

After a brief lull following WWII, when many women sought to return to traditional domestic roles, suits saw a revival in the 1960s. Designers like Andre Courreges reintroduced feminine silhouettes with nipped waists and full skirts, and the decade also saw the emergence of “power suits”—big shoulders and lapels to mimic a man’s shape—pushed by the likes of Giorgio Armani.

The modern pantsuit

Women’s pantsuits are gaining traction as the perfect choice for formal occasions. They can be worn in place of floor-length gowns and midi dresses, while still feeling polished and refined. For example, this champagne-hued pant suit includes a stunning knee-length lace jacket with three-quarter sleeves and an illusion neckline as well as matching wide-leg chiffon pants that have a convenient pull-on design. This elegant ensemble comes in regular, tall and petite sizes up to size 20 as well as five color options.

A blazer and skirt suit is another office-friendly option. Pairing a boxy longline blazer with a casual white graphic T-shirt and bold red accessories will give the look an on-trend monochrome twist. Then complete the look with a pair of sleek pointed-toe heels or flats.

While the pantsuit may be making waves in designer ready-to-wear collections, it is also tossing traditional wedding timelines out the window for spontaneous modern brides. In addition to a classic white dress, this season you’ll see bridal pantsuits in ready-to-wear collections from brands Women Suits like Tory Burch and Erin Fetherston as well as civil ceremony wedding collection from designers like Masaba.

For a more casual take on the trend, try this pastel plaid set from Reformation. The cropped blazer and wide-leg pants are both made from cotton and linen, which makes them more breathable than wool or tweed suits. The fabric is blended with elastane for added stretch and comfort, as well as a hint of stretch for flexibility. This set is a good buy at under $500 for two pieces.

The suit-makers of the future

When you invest in a women’s suit it’s important that it moves with you and doesn’t restrict your movement. One way to achieve this is to use mechanical stretch technology that incorporates a percentage of elastane into the fabric. This allows you to move freely without ripping or breaking the material.

The latest tech is also helping to make suits more durable and long-lasting. One such example is self-healing fabrics that can re-knit themselves when ripped. This is done by using a special solution that fuses the broken fibres together. The technology is being developed to be used in other areas of fashion including trousers and skirts.

Suits are a symbol of power for women, and they’re as popular now as ever. Many of the world’s most powerful women, including Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Sheryl Sandberg, and Indira Nooyi wear them all the time.

And while the number of suit-makers on Savile Row is in decline, there are plenty of startups who are reworking women’s suits to make them more feminine, fashion-forward, and sexy. For instance, Cad & The Dandy was founded by two ex-bankers who turned their backs on the City after the ’08 crash. Their blazers and pants feature a slim and sleek silhouette in Italian and British cloth. Pair them with a short-sleeve silk shirt in the same color family for a fashion-forward monochrome look.

The styling trick

Traditionally women’s suits have been formal attire, but this trend has been reinvented into casual looks as well. The key is how you style your suit with the right top, shoes and accessories to create the look you’re going for. If you’re looking to add a feminine touch, try pairing your suit with lace or silk. The contrasting colors will create an interesting look that is perfect for casual wear or formal events.

If you want a more formal look, try a classic navy blue or charcoal grey suit. You can also go for a more formal fabric Women Suits like tweed or pinstripes. If you’re willing to experiment, you can even consider a suit in burgundy, which is not too dark but still gives off a very elegant look.

Another way to stylize a suit is to pair it with a crop top or cami in a coordinating color. If you’re not comfortable with a top that’s as revealing as a suit, you can always wear a blazer over skinny jeans or a skirt. Then you can take your outfit from office to night out with a simple change in shoes.

When buying a suit, make sure you have some time to shop around and try on several styles and sizes. You may find that one suit fits better than the others, and it’s best to purchase the highest quality you can afford. This is especially true if you’ll be wearing your suit for a long period of time.

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