Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP2400e DMR Two Way Radio

The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP2400e digital two way radio is compact and lightweight. It delivers superior audio clarity, 16 channels and easy integration.

Enhanced with safety features including an immediate response capability to remotely activate the radio and verify a worker’s status. It also offers privacy options and the ability to disable a lost or stolen radio.

Exceptional Audio Clarity

With Motorola’s advanced noise-canceling technology and clear audio the DP2400e is built to improve staff communication in difficult work environments. Operating in digital mode the radio can provide up to 40% more calling capacity with better voice transmission clarity, whilst utilising less power compared to analogue due to the DMR TDMA coding and compression.

Designed for those who demand efficient and effective communications this next generation radio offers cost-effective connectivity for organisations of any size. From systems support to loud and clear audio the DP2400e includes intelligent audio processors that adjust the radio volume automatically, compensating for ambient noise. With 28 hours of battery life to support 3 shifts of working and optional IMPRES over-the-air battery management tools helping you maximise battery lifetime, the DP2400e is a great option for a wide variety of applications.

The DP2400e is easily integrated into existing MOTOTRBO infrastructure, enabling you to scale your solution as your organisation grows TWO-WAY RADIO DP2400e and add new channels as required. Operating on a one push system it is easy to connect with other radios within range and on your channel. With a range of safety and security features including lone worker, emergency, man down, site monitor, text messaging and GPS (depending on model) it is built to ensure the safety of your team. Contact us to request a quote and let our expert MOTOTRBO sales team guide you through the best options for your business.

Long Battery Life

The Motorola MOTOTRBO DP2400e is a digital two way radio, designed to deliver effective communication with a single push of a button. Featuring systems support and loud, clear audio it is a cost-effective solution for any organisation that requires communications for productivity and safety.

A standard sized radio with 16 channels the DP2400e can be used across a large area and offers great audio clarity. It also has voice announcement which announces on/off status of features such as channel and battery status, allowing staff to operate the device without having to look at their screen. Most radios with voice announcement have pre-loaded audio files and some can even be customised to add personalised voice prompts.

Motorola’s DP2400e series offers the perfect solution for organisations that are slowly migrating to digital radio. It operates in both analogue and digital mode so your business can make the change at your own pace. The DP2400e has advanced digital features but can still be programmed to use with existing analogue radios and allows you to upgrade to full digital at any time.

The DP2400e has the ability to use a range of audio accessories including earpieces and speaker mics. These can greatly improve the user experience and increase the comfort of using a two way radio. They also reduce the risk of drop and damage as they are less prone to falling out of users hands.

Easy to Operate

With a simple to use design this Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP2400e two TWO-WAY RADIO DP2400e way radio offers cost-effective connectivity to any organisation. Designed with the latest in digital technology, this portable is built for the roughest of working environments with exceptional audio quality and long battery life.

Designed to improve staff safety in the event of an incident, this model features instant response capability with push-to-talk. This radio is also able to check whether a worker is responding via VOX (voice-operated exchange) when used with a compatible earpiece or headset and comes equipped with privacy settings as well as the ability to disable radios remotely in case they are lost or stolen.

When operating in a noisy environment, your workers will find the radio volume automatically adjusts to compensate, so that they can hear one another clearly regardless of noise levels. For further clarity the DP2400e radio series comes with noise cancelling technology and enhanced sound quality for intelligible communications. Energy-saving technology provides up to 28 hours of battery life for 3 shift working with the option for an IMPRES Over-the-Air Battery Management tool that helps maximise your radio’s battery lifetime.

The DP2400e also includes Lone Worker, which allows your team to notify supervisors if they are not responding to a call. The system can be configured to require the radio operator to interact with their device once every 30 minutes, if no interaction is received a signal will be sent to other teams to alert them that their team member has not responded to a Lone Worker request and needs assistance.

Easy to Maintain

The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP2400e digital two way radio is an affordable solution that is scalable to meet your communication needs. It’s ETSI DMR Standards compliant and supports both basic trunking and legacy analogue technology allowing you to migrate over at your own pace. The DP2400e offers best-in-class audio, voice announcement and a lone worker feature whilst delivering up to 28hrs battery life based on the optional Li-Ion upgrade.

This radio is ideal for a wide range of environments including Security, Hospitality, Construction, Transport, Heavy Industry and a number of other sectors. DP2400e is available in both UHF and VHF frequencies ensuring it’s a versatile option. It can be used as a standalone digital two way radio or can be paired with other compatible Motorola DP radios for increased channel capacity. It is available with IP67 Ingres protection which means it is able to handle harsh environments such as industrial workplaces, mining sites and retail operations.

When your team members have a need to communicate with each other in noisy or difficult environments, the DP2400e can send voice announcements that will be clearly heard by all users, even those who may not have their volume turned up high enough. It also has a lone worker feature that can be activated to allow staff to raise their hand or press the button to indicate they require assistance.

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