BMW E36 Steering Wheel Hub

Fits bmw E36 with or without airbag. This hub has a built-in copper contact ring for the horn and tabs to cancel the turn signals. It also has a crushable base designed to prevent steering wheel rotation in the event of an accident.

This closeup of the rear of bmw e36 steering wheel hub the hub shows the horn and airbag wiring connectors and the retaining bolt flange.

Product Description

This OMP steering wheel hub is specially designed to bolt directly to your BMW E36 3 series / Z3 street car’s factory splined steering shaft and provide the proper spacing for an aftermarket sports steering wheel. The splined aluminum base is covered by a black plastic shroud for a clean and finished appearance. This horn button hub is compatible with all aftermarket steering wheels that utilize a 6 bolt, 70 mm PCD mounting pattern such as MOMO and Sparco (an adapter is required for Nardi steering wheels which use a 6×74 mm PCD). It comes with two plated steel alignment plates, six countersunk hex drive screws, and one hex key. This “slim” boss kit is designed to be less than 40 mm tall for better interior clearance.

This hub also includes the horn button wire lead that is necessary for installing your horn later on. It is equipped with a built-in copper contact ring and tab to cancel your turn signal function as well. Unlike other hubs that are solid pieces this Momo steering wheel hub is designed to collapse in the event of an accident, much like your front bumper.

All MOMO hubs are made in a state of the art facility using high quality materials and meet or exceed all US safety standards, including the ultra-strict German TUV. This collapsible design greatly reduces the risk of injury to the driver in the event of an impact.

Installation Instructions

Adding an aftermarket steering wheel can be one of the most exciting and rewarding DIY projects you can do on your BMW. Not only does it give your car a custom look, but it can also make your driving position better, which is a big deal for an expert driver.

To start the installation, you will need to remove the stock steering wheel from your E36. Next, you will need to pull the single screw holding the plastic switch cover on. Once the screw is removed, you can pull off this cover and expose the two fracture bolts that hold it on to the column.

Then you will need to take a 46mm socket and place it inside the hub and grab your hammer. Once the socket is on the inner race of the outer bearing, begin tapping the hammer to push the wheel bearing out. Begin with the 12 o’clock position and work your way around the circumference of the outer bearing.

During the install, be sure to insulate the small spade connector through the hole in the hub adaptor. This will prevent a short that could cause your horn to continuously sound. After you finish installing the hub adaptor, be sure to test it by turning on your ignition and making sure that your horn works correctly.


If you’re installing an aftermarket steering wheel in your E36 (except M3), Z3 (M or non-M), or non-Z4 BMW then this front steering wheel hub is a must have. It is a high quality OEM part manufactured by FAG Schaeffler (the original supplier to BMW). The hub assembly is TUV approved and has a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

The hub adapter is made from aluminum to keep it lightweight and painted black to match most steering wheels and columns. It is designed to fit the Sparco and Momo style steering wheels that use a 6 bolt 70mm PCD pattern. It also works with the factory horn button with no need for spacers or steering wheel disconnects. The hub has a built in airbag feature to prevent the airbag light from turning on.

This part is not covered under any manufacturer warranty from 949 Racing, but if damaged during shipping a replacement or refund may be available at the sole discretion of 949 Racing. Buyer is responsible for return shipping and insurance.


There are a lot of different steering wheels out there that will look great in your BMW E36. The stock BMW wheel is pretty boring and you want something a little more sporty. This hub kit allows you to install any aftermarket steering wheel with a 6x70mm bolt pattern or Nardi steering wheels with an adapter (sold separately). It is designed with double MOMO / Spacro bolt spacing for use with most aftermarket wheels and includes the cable that connects to the horn. It can be mounted on any Series 3 E36, including M3 and will work with airbags. Please note that this is a “slim” boss kit and will not work with all aftermarket wheels with a full contact button or horn as they will not fit the required depth of the boss kit.

A common question is if this hub will fit the Sparco steering wheels that are sold on this website. The answer is yes, this hub will work with most Sparco style steering wheels and will also work in most other applications where you need to install a new aftermarket steering wheel. MOMO steering wheel hubs are bride seat belt pad unique because they are designed to collapse upon impact, a feature that exceeds most safety standards.

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