JDM Racing Handle Ring

JDM Racing handle ring is a must have accessory for car enthusiasts. It’s a great way to show off your JDM style and add a touch of flair to your ride. It can be hung from rear tow hooks or passenger grab handles.

The tsurikawa or ‘hang ring’ is a hand strap JDM racing handle ring people are supposed to hang on to when riding the train or bus standing up. The tsurikawa eventually became a symbol of rebellion used by members of the Bosozoku counter-culture.


A JDM racing handle ring is made from high-quality materials such as a knurled aluminum ring and a nylon strap. This material makes them tough enough to withstand even the most aggressive driving. These handles are also available in a variety of colors and styles, making them easy to customize for your specific car. They are perfect for displaying your personal style and are an excellent accessory for cars with rear tow hooks or interior passenger grab handles.

Tsurikawa (tsuriGe) is a name used in Japan for the handles passengers hold on to when riding a train, bus, or subway standing up. These are designed to help passengers keep their balance during the ride and were originally made of leather. During the Bosozoku counter-culture heyday, tsurikawa became a symbol of rebellion against authority and was often stolen to be hung on car tow hooks or grab handles.

These days, you can see many people in Japan sporting a tsurikawa on their bumpers. It’s a cool way to show your true JDM street racer spirit. These rings are also used by some train companies to mark priority seats. They come in a variety of color combinations, and some even have different strap lengths. The tsurikawa can be installed in the rear bumper to play a warning role and reduce the risk of being rear-ended, or it can be installed in the car as a hand-pull ring.


A tsurikawa (, “tsuriwa”, Japanese for handle) is a suspended device on the ceiling of a bus or train that passengers hold onto to keep their balance during bumpy rides. It was originally made of leather, but after WWII, it was replaced by other materials for safety reasons. Today, the ring is usually made of plastic and has a round shape that allows you to place your fingers inside.

It can be found in many train companies across Japan, including JR East. However, it’s more common to see train companies install different color combinations near special seats like reserved or priority areas. In addition, some train companies even have Disney inspired handles like Mickey ears for their Maihama resort lines!

Tsurikawa rings were once stolen from trains by members of the bosozoku counter-culture and hung on their rear tow hooks or grab handles to demonstrate their rebellious spirit. Nowadays, they’re a popular accessory for those who want to give their ride a true JDM feel. They’re also great for hanging on your car’s rear bumper for decoration purposes.

This unique handle ring is a must-have for any street racer looking to add some extra style to their ride! Made from high-quality, durable plastic, this hang ring is sure to last for years to come. It’s also easy to install and looks great hung off your car’s tow hook or passenger grab handle.


The JDM handle ring is available in various colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your car’s color scheme. Some are even designed to match the color of your car’s bumper. This makes it an ideal accessory to install in your car, as it will give it a unique look that’s sure to turn heads. However, keep in mind that this ring is not meant to be used for towing or load bearing.

In Japan, they’re called Tsurikawa and they’re typically used on buses and subway trains to hang onto when riding standing up. They were also a popular symbol of rebellion among members of the Bosozoku counter culture, who would steal the train handles and hang them on their rear tow hooks or passenger grab handles. These days, they’re commonly used within the JDM community as a stylish way to add some true Japanese flair to your ride.

They’re usually made from nylon-reinforced plastic and have steel fasteners, making them strong and durable. They’re also made with a high-quality finish to ensure they last for as long as possible. The tsurikawa is also made to be safe, with the straps aftermarket steering wheels designed to prevent injuries if they’re pulled hard. Unlike most hanging rings, these ones have an oval shape, which is easier for people to grip.


Designed to fit perfectly on top of your rear tow hook or the interior passenger grab handle, this JDM tsurikawa ring is perfect for those looking to add a touch of street-fighting style to their ride. These rings are made from a tough nylon-reinforced polyvinyl material that will not rip or tear under pressure. They are also easy to clean with mild detergent and water, making them an excellent choice for anyone who wants to give their car a unique look.

The tsurikawa ring is a popular accessory in Japan, and for good reason. Its origins go back to the days of the Bosozoku, when tsurikawa were used as a symbol of rebellion on public transportation. Today, train companies often use tsurikawa with different colors to mark priority seats on their trains.

While it is not recommended for towing, the tsurikawa ring is durable and can be used for decoration purposes. It is also a great way to show off your love for Japanese cars and street racing. Just make sure to hang it properly, so you don’t end up with a twisted neck or other injuries! This tsurikawa ring is an essential addition to any JDM enthusiast’s car, and it is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

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