Shift Knob Extender

Shift knob extender brings your shift lever up higher and closer to the steering wheel. Available in a variety of heights and materials.

Some people worry that a weighted shift knob will damage their transmission or cause the gears to wear out sooner. This is not true. The added weight only increases momentum as you shift, shift knob extender making it easier to overcome the shift pattern’s resistance.

Weighted Shift Knobs

There are some people out there that believe weighted shift knobs will damage your transmission by putting excessive pressure on the shifter and tranny. This is not the case at all, and it goes against everything that physics and common sense teach us. A weighted shift knob creates more force due to its weight, but that force is only acting vertically and downward. It is not causing any additional pressure to the shifter, shift cables or gearshift forks, which are all made of steel.

A weighted shift knob helps to create more momentum during shifting, which in turn allows for a smoother feeling throw and less vibration or road feedback when changing gears. They also reduce the amount of shifter travel needed to get into each gear, which can make it easier to stay in gear when cruising and heavy acceleration.

Boomba’s mass shift knob series are CNC machined and powdercoated, and can be customized with a laser-etched logo or shift pattern. They have a Delrin outer shell that prevents the surface from getting too hot in the summer or cold in the winter, while offering durability and excellent appearance. Our hybrid shift knobs feature the same metal core and weight as our mass series, but have an interchangeable Delrin outer cover that can be swapped out in seconds.

Hybrid Knobs

Designed to enhance your shifting experience, these knobs feature an ergonomically shaped design that fits comfortably in Laptop bag the palm of your hand. They also provide a bit of extra weight to make your shifts feel smoother and more precise.

These knobs are a hybrid design featuring a Stainless Steel core and a temperature resistant Delrin top. They are available in multiple color options to match your interior design or to add a touch of personalization. You can change the cover by screwing it on or off with a Hybrid Shift Knob tool that makes the process easier and safer.

Machined from a single piece of 6061 aluminum billet round bar in a four-axis lathe, these knobs are treated with a proprietary sandblasting process and then 3 step anodized for an incredible finish. They are also laser etched with the fitment size and logos. They are a plug-n-play application and mount to the existing threaded shifter arm with no need for any additional adapters.

Short Shifts

Although it may not be as popular as power shifting or double clutching, short shifting is still an excellent way to get more out of your car’s acceleration range. In simple terms, this technique involves shifting early when you’re at the peak of your engine’s RPM range so that you can accelerate more rapidly in the next gear. While shifting too early will obviously stall out your car, it’s not going to hurt your transmission or gearbox as long as you’re only doing it occasionally.

Our shift knob extenders allow you to shorten the distance your hand travels from the steering wheel to the shifter, reducing your overall shift time. They’re also CNC-machined, polished, and anodized for a beautiful finish that’s scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant. And best of all, they’re easy to install and come with a manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

If you’re looking for an even better solution, try pairing a short shift knob with one of our weighted shift knobs. The added weight provides extra resistance to your shifts, resulting in smoother and faster shifting. They’ll also make the experience much more comfortable as you drive, reducing the amount of pressure on your hand during shifts. As a bonus, weighted shift knobs aren’t as loud as regular shift knobs, so they won’t disturb your passengers or other drivers on the road.


A shift knob extender is a necessity for those with short legs or simply wanting to bring the shift knob closer to their steering wheel. Installed between the factory lever and shift knob, these billet aluminum extensions increase the height of your shifter by up to 70mm to reduce the distance your hand travels from the steering wheel to the shifter, and can be installed with or without a short shifter. They are CNC machined, polished, and anodized for a sleek finish that is scratch-resistant and resists UV and heat damage. They are also confirmed to work with the factory reverse lockout (but you will need to keep the stock shift knob). These are easy to install and come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. Shift Extenders are available for both manual and automatic cars.

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