Upgrade Your Shift Boot With a Leather Cover

Cloth, vinyl, plastic, and rubber shift boot materials often wear out over time. When they do, they can create holes or rips that can allow dust and dirt into the shifting mechanism.

In addition, they often have to be replaced more frequently than leather shift boots. This can add up to a substantial cost over the lifetime of your vehicle.

Protects the Shifter

Many people choose to upgrade their shift boot with a leather version because it looks great. However, it does much more than just look good. A quality leather shift boot will provide shift boot cover protection for the gear stick of your vehicle, keeping dust and dirt from getting into the shifting mechanism. A worn-out shift boot can have holes and rips that allow dirt, dust, and debris to get into the shifting mechanism, making it difficult or impossible to get your car into gear and out of gear.

Basic cloth, plastic, or rubber shift boots can tear up or crack from exposure to hot and cold weather conditions as well as direct sunlight. They can also lose their shape due to repeated use over a long period of time. These factors can cause the shifting mechanisms to become damaged, and it is important to replace a shift boot as soon as you notice it is starting to wear down.

If you have a short-thros shifter modification in your vehicle, it can be difficult to find a replacement shift boot that will fit correctly and look good. The reason is that most shift boot replacements are designed to be used on standard shifters and won’t compact down to the size of the shorter shifter, resulting in an overlap. The overlap can catch on gears, wires, and other components in the shifting mechanism, and it can even create gaps that can trap dust, dirt, and other debris.

Looks Great

A leather shift boot cover looks great and gives your vehicle a luxury model look. You can easily install one yourself in a few minutes. Simply lift up the center console and unscrew the plastic clips. Remove the PNRD assembly (marked in red) by lifting it up. There should be a couple of clips in each corner. After removing it, the shifter will be exposed. Pull out the old shift boot. It will be super glued to a black ring at the top of it. Invert the new shift boot and glue it to that ring. Now it will be a perfect fit.

Cloth, vinyl, and pleather are also available, but they can’t match the durability or the look of genuine leather. Those materials will often need to be replaced more frequently than leather, which can last for decades without wearing out.

Moreover, the color options for leather are much more varied than those for cloth and vinyl, making it easier to find a shift boot cover that matches, or at least complements, your vehicle’s interior. A leather shift boot will make your vehicle appear more elegant, while a pleather or vinyl shift boot will give it a sportier feel. You can also have the shift boot cover customized, to add an extra touch of style. For example, you can get a custom-stitched boot with dual racing stripes.

Lasts Longer

Unlike rubber, plastic, and cloth shift boots, genuine leather shift boot covers last up to 12 times longer. Over time, this translates into huge savings on the cost of replacement boots — especially considering that the cost of two vinyl shift boot replacements can actually end up being more expensive than a honda boss kit single leather shift well cover. That’s why the shift well cover is a smart, long-term investment for your vehicle. Order one today! It’s easy and fast to install.

Easy to Clean

Unlike plastic or cloth shift boot covers, genuine leather is durable and stains easily wipe away. Vinyl, on the other hand, can crack and tear over time. It is also prone to burning in extreme temperatures and can become sticky from oil spills or even grease. Vinyl and pleather shift boot replacements are also more prone to wear and tear than genuine leather or Alcantara, so they may need replacing more frequently. Ultimately, leather is the most elegant choice for a shift boot cover, and it will look more in tune with your vehicle’s interior color theme than other materials. Plus, it’s available in a variety of colors to suit your personal style and taste. Check out our selection of custom leather shift boot replacements today!

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