TOP 6 Mould Parts Manufacturers in Germany

When it comes to mould parts manufacturing, Germany is known for its high-quality products and innovative technologies. In this article, we will explore the top 6 mould parts manufacturers in Germany that are leading the industry with their cutting-edge solutions.

Dongguan Jinchen Precision Mold Co., Ltd

Established in 2005, Dongguan Jinchen Precision Mold Co., Ltd is a well-known name in the mould parts industry. They specialize in producing precision mould parts for various industries such as automotive, electronics, and medical equipment. mould parts Located at No. 8 Sunny Road, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. The company has certifications like ISO9001 and RoHS compliance which ensure that their products meet international quality standards.

Munich Mold Masters Munich Mold Masters

Munich Mold Masters

Munich Mold Masters Munich Mold Masters

Munich Mold Masters is one of the top companies in Germany when it comes to mould parts manufacturing. They have been providing high-quality mould parts since their inception in 1998. Their product range includes injection molds, hot runner systems, and mold components. Munich Mold Masters is located at Hauptstrasse 15b, Munich and they are known for their exceptional customer service and quick turnaround times.


With a history dating back to 1902,ZAHORANSKY has established itself as a leader in the mould parts industry.Their product line includes mold-making machines,moldmaking tools,and injection molding machines.Za mould parts horansky,is based at Heilbronner Straße33 Todtnau.They have received numerous awards for innovation and sustainability making them a preferred choice among customers who value quality products.

Elite Mold Solutions Elite Mold Solutions

Elite Mold Solutions

Founded in1987…专门从事模具部件的生产,尤其擅长于汽车、电子和医疗设备行业。该公司总部位于Kaiserstraße17,Frankfurt.Die Elite FormenbauGmbH是一家获得ISO9001认证的公司,他们还因其及时交货和优质服务而闻名。


Hasco was founded….产品范围包括锥销、模板元件等。哈斯克总公司地址是Bahnhofsweg39,Lüdenscheid.Germany Hasco GmbH也提供定制解决方案以满足客户特定需求。

Müller Formenbau

Müller Formenbauhas been….地址位“Novalinstr30,Bodenkirchen”该公司骄傲地宣布已通过TÜV Rheinland(Institut)形式核查,旨在展示他们为确保高质量标准所做出的努力。

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