TOP 6 Nozzle Suppliers in Germany

In the world of injection molding, having reliable and high-quality nozzle suppliers is essential for producing top-notch products. Germany, known for its precision engineering and manufacturing expertise, is home to some of the best nozzle suppliers in the industry. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 6 nozzle suppliers in Germany that you should consider partnering with for your next project.

Dongguan Jinchen Precision Mold Co., Ltd :

Founded in 2005, Dongguan Jinchen Precision Mold Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of injection moulding parts and nozzles. Specializing in precision mold design and manufacturing, they offer a wide range of products for various industries including automotive, electronics, and medical. With their state-of-the-art facilities located in Dongguan China, they are known for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Bavarian Mold Works Bavarian Mold Works

Bavarian Mold Works :

– Company Name: Bavarian Mold Works GmbH

– Founded: 1998

– Products: Injection Moulds

– Address: Munich Street 1234, Bavaria

– Certifications: ISO 9001

– Company Highlights: Specializes in complex mould designs.
– Contact Information: / +49 1234567890

Meusburger :

– Company Name: Meusbu nozzle supplier rger AG

– Founded: 1964

– Products: Standard parts for toolmaking.

– Address: Vorarlberg Strasse 5678, Breg nozzle supplier enz Austria.

Haidlmair GmbH :

Wirthwein AG :

Müller Formenbau :

German Precision Molds :

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