Founded in January 2010, BlackForestMods is a leading car modification company based in the heart of Germany. Specializing in high-quality aftermarket parts for Volkswagen Golf and Golf1 models, BlackForestMods has gained a reputation for their innovative designs and superior craftsmanship. Their products range from body kits to performance upgrades, catering to the needs of both casual drivers and enthusiasts alike. Located at Rottenburg am Neckar, they are known for their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. With certifications from TUV and ISO 9001:2015, BlackForestMods stands out as a trusted name in the industry.


With roots dating back to August 2005, GermanGear has established itself as a premier supplier of premium automotive accessories. Offering a wide selection of products for various makes and models, including the iconic Volkswagen Golf, GermanGear prides itself on delivering top-notch quality with every purchase. Based in Stuttgart, their product line includes everything from wheels and tires to interior styling accessories. Known for their extensive range of authentic German-made products, GermanGear sets itself apart through its dedication to authenticity.


VorsprungPerformance began operations in March 2012 with a focus on enhancing vehicle performance for discerning customers. Specializing in tuning solutions for Volkswagen Golf owners looking to unlock their car’s full potential, VorsprungPerformance offers an array of engine upgrades and exhaust systems designed to boost power output and overall driving experience. Situated in Ingolstadt – home of Audi headquarters – they have built a solid reputation among performance enthusiasts seeking reliable solutions backed by rigorous testing protocols.


Since its inception in May 2014, TeutonicTire has been synonymous with premium tire offerings curated specifically for European vehicles like the VW Golf series. Operating out of Munich – considered one of Europe’s automotive hubs – TeutonicTire stocks a wi GOLF GOLF1 BOSS KIT de range of summer, winter, and all-season tires tailored to meet the demands of diverse driving conditions. They take pride in being an authorized dealer for renowned tire brands such as Continental and Michelin while also providing professional fitting services at competitive prices.

When it comes to upgrading your Volkswagen Golf or Golf1 model with top-of-the-line BOSS KIT components like spoilers or body enhancements look no further than these esteemed names within Germany’s automotive scene! And don’t forget car perfume – essential accessory adding that final touch luxury scent each journey memorable one!

For more information on these companies or their products please feel free contact them via website phone number listed below:

– BlackForestMods: | +49 (0)1234-56789
– GermanGear: www.ger GOLF GOLF1 BOSS KIT | +49 (0)9876-54321
– VorsprungPerformance: | +49 (0)2468-13579
– TeutonicTire: | +49 (0)1012-34567

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