Door Frame Rolling Shutter Forming Machine

Door frame rolling shutter forming machine specially designed to produce different width steel door frame based on country standard. This line can run fully automatically with servo feeding, punching, roll forming and cutting system.

Botou Xinbo Machine Making Co., Ltd is professional manufacturer of roof/wall panel roll forming machine, c&z interchange purlin machine, decking floor machine, ridge cap machine and shutter door roll forming machine.

1. PLC control system

A programmable logic controller is the heart of an industrial automation system. It is responsible for coordinating and monitoring a variety of different factory door frame rolling shutter forming machine processes, from the movement of raw materials to the production of finished products. It also manages power distribution throughout the facility and controls devices like motors, pumps, and light fixtures.

In order to keep a PLC operating optimally, it is important to perform preventative maintenance regularly. This can include changing ventilation filters and cleaning the area around the unit. In addition, it is important to regularly review error logs to identify any potential issues and address them as soon as possible.

A PLC monitors connected inputs from its devices and compares them against established rules and parameters. It then transmits signals to the output components based on these conditions, causing them to activate. The system can use a number of different communication protocols depending on the type of equipment it is communicating with, such as Modbus RTU for serial communications, Ethernet and Profinet for plant networks, or proprietary protocols for wireless devices.

2. Hydraulic system

Door frame rolling shutter forming machine is a kind of roll forming line which can produce different width metal door frames base on your country standard. The whole production process is working fully automatically, including decoiler, servo feeding, punching, and roll forming. And the cutting to length is done by a hydraulic shear.

The steel door and window roll forming machine is designed to form various profiles from galvanized and CS stainless steel sheets. It can also form the lintel for supporting brickwork above clear openings. The machine can be equipped with ground pit/overground accumulating units, non-stop hole punching units and flying tracking cutting and stacking devices. The line can work at maximum speed of 60 m/min.

Botou Xinbo Machinery Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacturing roof panel/wall panel roll forming machines, C and Z interchange purlin machine, Glazed tile forming machine, steel structural floor panel forming machine, sandwich panel roll forming machine, highway guardrail forming machine, downspout forming machine, sheet slitting equipment and shutter door and curtain wall forming machine. With advanced testing and strong technical force, our products are widely used in many construction enclosures.

3. Counter

Counter shutters are a great choice for cafeteria roll up doors, stadium and arena concession stand roller doors, ticket booth security doors, and many other wall service openings. They are constructed of interlocking slats in galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel and can be built to fit the exact dimensions of an existing opening with compact guides, slats, brackets and hoods for a more streamlined appearance that is aesthetically pleasing in any space.

The door frame rolling shutter forming machine can be used to manufacture a wide variety of door frames and is available in a number of different finishes. It is important to choose the correct type of machine for your specific needs. It is also essential to maintain the machinery properly.

A good maintenance program will help ensure a long life for your equipment. For example, you should regularly lubricate the rollers to avoid damage from dust or dirt. You should also rolling machine inspect the machine for any signs of wear and tear. It is also recommended to clean the metal parts of the machine at least three times a year.

4. Decoiler

Door frames are a crucial part of any building’s structure. They provide security and aesthetic appeal. They are also easy to open and close. They can be made out of wood, but more often than not, they are constructed using metal slats. This is because metal provides durability and strength. A door frame forming machine is a specialized piece of machinery that can shape these metal slats into the proper frame shapes.

A decoiler is a manufacturing equipment that shapes sheet metal and other coiled materials into specific profiles or shapes. It uses a set of rollers to gradually bend and form the material into the desired shape. It can be used with a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel and other alloys.

Botou Xinbo Machine Making Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of roof and wall panel roll forming machine, floor deck rolling forming machine, ridge cap roll forming machine, C&Z interchange purlin machine and shutter door slat and track roll forming machine. We can customize the design of the machine based on your requirements.

5. Roll forming machine

Roll forming is a metal fabrication process that involves passing a strip of sheet metal through a series of rollers. Each roller adds shape to the metal, producing a specific cross-section. The end result is a rigid and durable piece of metal that is highly repeatable and easy to reproduce. This process is ideal for high volume production of a wide variety of metal products.

The forming process can be combined with other technologies, such as punching and cutting. The punching and cutting operations can be positioned before or after the forming process, depending on the application. This can significantly reduce the time and effort required to produce a finished product, as well as improve overall productivity.

The door frame rolling shutter forming machine can be used to produce a variety of different profiles, including c- and z-shaped purlins for steel construction projects; lintel for load-bearing walls and wall frames; gable captiles for roofs; and ridge capstiles for sloping floors. The machine can also be used to make a range of other industrial components, such as roof ridge beams and metal ceilings.

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