How to Choose the Right Jewelry Show Case for Your Store

When used properly in line with your visual merchandising strategy, jewelry display showcases are one of the best sales tools for your store. But a showcase is only as effective as the materials and layout used to build it.

Jewelry is small, fragile and a favorite target of shoplifters. The right display case can present your merchandise beautifully while offering strong protection against theft.


Pedestal showcases are a popular choice for displaying jewelry in retail stores, showrooms, and exhibition trade shows. These free-standing display cases are elegant and secure, and can be customized with various shelves, drawers, or compartments to fit different types of merchandise. They are also lightweight and portable, so they can easily be moved around to suit the needs of a particular space. Jewelry pedestal showcases can also be designed in a variety of materials and styles, so you can find the one that fits your store or personal aesthetic.

Whether you are looking to highlight a piece of jewelry that is particularly special, jewelry show case sentimental, or priceless, a pedestal showcase can help draw attention and attract customers. The raised height of the showcase ensures that all eyes are on the item, and the base of the showcase can be used for additional information or branding in a custom printed or sign-insert format. Some of the pedestal showcases even feature LED lighting that helps to enhance and illuminate the displayed items.

It is important to properly clean and maintain your jewelry pedestal showcase to keep it looking its best. Regularly wipe the surface of the case to remove dust and fingerprints, and be sure to keep the display out of direct sunlight to prevent fading over time. Additionally, it is a good idea to invest in a protective cover for your jewelry pedestal showcase to prevent damage or theft.

Glass Display Cases

For jewelry stores that want to promote a sense of exclusivity and desire with their merchandise, glass display cases are a great option. These cabinets can be freestanding or wall-mounted, and they come in a variety of sizes to suit any store layout and design. Many also feature adjustable shelves, making it easy to organize different types and sizes of jewelry. In addition, glass display cabinets provide a controlled environment that protects valuable merchandise from environmental factors, including temperature and humidity.

When displayed properly, jewelry can glisten and shine through the transparent glass of a showcase cabinet. This visibility draws customers’ attention and entices them to investigate the product closer. Additionally, back-lit fixtures can highlight intricate details of the jewelry or other products. This can help shoppers differentiate the difference between similar items and may increase sales.

Even with the best security programs and the most robust store layouts, retail jewelers are still vulnerable to shoplifting. Unfortunately, sophisticated criminals can case a location to determine its layout and how much effort it takes to break through the glass of a display case. Then, they can steal thousands of dollars worth of inventory and make a quick getaway.

To mitigate this risk, tempered glass is recommended for jewelry showcases because it’s more resilient and won’t shatter into dangerous shards. For added protection, some retailers opt for polycarbonate-lined display cases.

Counter Top Display Cases

For a jewelry business, security is an important issue. Even the best-prepared jewelers are not immune to a smash-and-grab robbery. This is why it is essential to keep a close eye on your store’s most vulnerable points of weakness. For many jewelers, this means your display cases. Criminals are adept at analyzing the layout of a building, identifying your most valuable merchandise and how much force is required to break glass.

That is why we offer a variety of different jewelry display counters and showcases that can meet the specific needs of your store. We have acrylic models that jewelry display cases come close to the look of a glass case but without the potential for shattering or cracking. These cases also offer a lower cost and depending on the model, more resistance to scratches or fingerprints.

In addition to these high-end countertop showcases, we also offer a large assortment of smaller counter style cases that can be used on tables, display shelves and right next to the cash register counter. These small countertop cases give you a good balance of both visibility and security requirements for merchandising lower value jewelry, collectibles, accessories and memorabilia.

These counters are also available in a selection of different wood textures and finishes. This enables you to match your countertop to the overall design of your store or trade show booth and help set the right ambiance for the type of jewelry you sell.

Corner Display Cases

Often referred to as Half Vision or Full Vision Corner Display Cases these showcases are used for presenting and selling jewelry, accessories and other small delicate items within commercial and retail establishments. These glass display cases are a must have for the upscale proprietor as they exemplify the high end presentation discerning customers expect to see when spending substantial amounts of money.

These cases are built to be used with Jewelry Showcases and can be ordered in right, left or both configurations. Smooth gliding doors open to reveal two adjustable glass shelves. Lights are wired to each case and can be ordered with either a front or rear access door. Available in Maple, Black, Cherry and Pearwood with standard choices of back mirrors or white panels.

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