How to Design a Custom Jewelry Showcase

A custom jewelry showcase represents a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects the wearer’s personal style and unique tastes. This type of jewelry often has more value than generic items, especially when it is engraved.

Attending a jewelry trade show can be extremely beneficial to your business. In-person events offer educational opportunities that can empower your store to succeed.

Meeting Suppliers in Person

Custom jewelry can add a personal touch to any outfit, whether it’s a gift for someone else or a special accessory for yourself. However, it requires excellent communication skills from the custom jewelry maker to create a piece that reflects both their skill as artisans and their understanding of their clients’ personality and style. This allows the custom jewelry designer to create one-of-a-kind accessories that are not only beautiful, but also meaningful and memorable.

Jewelry trade shows are a great way to meet suppliers and find new product lines for your store. These events bring together upscale jewelry retailers and high end manufacturers and designers to connect in a tailored environment. They offer a plethora of networking opportunities and complimentary education sessions, as well as the best selection of finished jewelry, gems, and timepieces in the industry.

Wooden display cases are one of the most common styles for displaying jewelry in stores. They can be used alone or as part of a counter. They have a higher tempered glass cover and are usually lighted with LED lights. This type of showcase is ideal for showcasing jewelry with different textures and colors. For example, gold products should be displayed with warm light, while silvery pieces are more suitable for cold white lighting.

When choosing a jewelry display case, it’s important to consider the overall design of your store custom jewelry showcase and its branding. A jewelry showcase must be aesthetically pleasing, durable, and functional.


Custom jewelry can be a great way to represent your style and individuality. Unlike mass-produced accessories, custom adornments allow for greater creative freedom and experimentation with designs and materials to bring the customer’s vision to life. This process involves a collaboration between the jeweler and client. Open communication is essential so both parties can ensure a mutual understanding of the desired outcome. The jeweler can provide sketches or computer generated images for review before production begins. This can save time and resources, as the client can see the design before making any final decisions.

One of the most challenging aspects of creating customized jewelry is balancing aesthetics and functionality. The jewelry maker must consider the size of the piece, how it will wear and its durability. For example, a necklace that is designed to be worn for long periods of time must be comfortable and not rub against the skin. It’s important for custom jewelers to have experience in achieving this balance for their clients.

Offering customization options is an excellent opportunity for jewelers to build client relationships and loyalty. Clients who have a positive experience will likely refer friends and family to the custom jewelry maker, driving new business for their business. This approach also enables the jeweler to establish a repeat customer base that will return for future purchases and commissions.


The jewelry industry is no stranger to security concerns. A recent Senseon retail jewelry survey found that three key areas of concern are merchandise theft, internal theft and lost productivity. The first two can be addressed by more effective use of security technology. The last can be mitigated through better key management.

The most important step a jewelry store can take to protect its products is to invest in robust security systems that incorporate alarms and surveillance cameras. These can be integrated into the store’s design, to minimize blind spots and make access control easy. It is also vital to have secure, lockable display cases, to deter light-fingered bad guys posing as customers or employees.

Another security measure is to always check that the doors custom made jewelry showcase and windows are closed when a store is empty. This simple act can prevent a lot of trouble. It is also important to vary the route staff takes to work and not display jeweler stickers or license plates on their vehicles.

Employee training is another crucial part of a jewelry store’s security strategy. Thoroughly training new staff and providing refresher courses for current employees is critical to ensuring that best practices are followed. This can help to prevent the types of lapses that can lead to huge sales being wiped away, like forgetting to lock a showcase display or leaving doors unlocked during off-hours.

Floor Standing Display Cases

Floor standing display cases are an excellent way to attract the attention of shoppers in a retail store. They’re often larger than other types of display cabinets and can be designed with shelves or drawers for storing products. They can also feature lockable doors to prevent theft and tampering of merchandise. Many floor standing display cases can also be lighted to enhance the visual appeal of merchandise.

Another advantage of these free-standing display cases is that they allow you to showcase products at eye level, meaning customers can easily view them without straining or bending over to see them. This can feel more exclusive and luxurious for shoppers, which helps increase their desire to make a purchase.

Many of these displays can be made with glass sides, which allows shoppers to view the product from every angle. These cases are particularly well-suited for showcasing high-value items, like watches, that need to be seen from different angles and perspectives. For example, this display by KSF Global for Folli Follie uses a series of towers to highlight the brand’s watch collection.

Whether you’re looking to create a jewelry display case or another type of display, working with a trusted custom manufacturer can ensure the best results. By meeting with a supplier in person, you can be confident that your display will be perfectly tailored to the unique needs of your store.

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