Five Brushless DC Motor Manufacturers

Brushless DC motors use no brushes and produce no commutator sparks, eliminating noise and maintenance requirements. They also have a long life.

Using System FAULHABER winding technology,these motors provide peak performance dynamics with compact dimensions. These motors are autoclavable and ideally suited for use in laboratory and medical equipment.

Kollmorgen is a motion control systems company that offers servo drives, linear actuators, and automated guided vehicles (AGV). They also provide brushless DC motors for a variety of applications.


Dunkermotoren is a German company that designs and manufactures high-performance electric motors. Its products are used in a wide range of applications, including automation, medical technology, and industrial production. Its products are known for their durability, reliability, and energy efficiency.

The BG 45 dPro is the latest addition to Dunkermotoren’s smart BG motor family. The new motor features built-in digital and analog I/O and smarter control technology. It also offers enhanced power density, overload capability, and vibration tolerance.

The new BG motors from Dunkermotoren are designed to meet the demands of modern drive solutions for industrial applications. These motors feature a modular system that permits flexible configurations and customization. In addition, the motors offer a range of accessories, including encoders and brakes.

The BG 45 dPro electric motor can be used in a wide range of applications, such as machine tools and conveyor systems. Its small size and compact design make it ideal for use in limited spaces. The brushed motors from Dunkermotoren are also very durable and energy-efficient, making them an excellent choice for automation systems.


Portescap has over 70 years of experience in miniature motor technology, providing motion control solutions to help customers put precise power in the smallest spaces. Their portfolio includes ironless DC, brushless DC and stepper disc magnet motors, linear actuators and gearheads. These products are designed in Switzerland, produced in India and are supplied by Mclennan Servo Supplies in the UK. They are ideal for applications that require precision and high performance in the smallest size possible.

The Ultra EC series of miniature BLDC motors features a proprietary multipolar rotor design that provides excellent speed capability and high peak torque. These motors also feature a new U coil design that reduces iron losses and improves efficiency and cooler operation. They are an brushless dc motor manufacturer ideal choice for applications that require high speeds and low power dissipation.

Kollmorgen is a leading provider of innovative motor drive solutions for medical equipment,robotics,industrial automation and aerospace. Their product portfolio includes BLDC motors,servomotors,stepper motors,linear actuators,integrated motor drives and encoders. Kollmorgen’s BLDC motors are compact,lightweight,and powerful, with low noise,low vibration,and long life. They are also suitable for harsh environments and demanding applications.


Kollmorgen is a manufacturer of motion systems and components for original equipment manufacturers, including servo motors and drives, linear motion systems, gearheads, and actuators. It also offers software and I/O solutions to simplify development and programming. The company serves customers in the automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical, and power generation industries. Kollmorgen’s Motion Technologies Group accounts for 57 percent of its sales and produces servo drives, power electronics, actuators, and other equipment. Its Electro-Optical unit provides periscopes, weapons directors, and stabilized weapon control systems to the military, along with photocircuits, color measurement systems, and other devices.

The Servo2go platform enables users to easily select and order the right Kollmorgen product for their applications, ensuring the best possible results. The platform provides detailed technical specifications, application suitability, and more.

Servo2go is an authorized distributor of Kollmorgen products, including servo motors, servo amplifiers, gearheads, and actuators. These products are available in various UL, CSA, and ATEX certification requirements, as well as custom configurations. These options make Servo2go the preferred choice for many demanding applications. The company’s AKM servo motors offer unprecedented choice and flexibility, with hundreds of standard designs and practically unlimited co-engineered modifications. The AKD series servo drives provide plug-and-play operation with integrated Smart Feedback Device technology and simplified cabling.


SONTIAN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of motors and motion control products. Their motors are used in a wide range of household appliances, consumer electronics, and industrial applications. Their products are characterized by excellent performance, durability, and cost-efficiency. Their portfolio includes radiator fans, blower motors, window regulators, and wiper motors.

A brushless DC motor is an electric motor that does not use a mechanical commutator and brushes. Instead, it uses an electronic circuit to change the direction of the current in the stator windings. This is done using sensors and semiconductor switches, which are based on the rotational position of the rotor.

BLDC motors are widely used in industrial automation systems, where consistent performance is essential. They also have an excellent lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. In addition, they can be operated at variable speeds, which reduces energy consumption and maximizes efficiency. Choosing a custom motor manufacturer can be a difficult task, but the right partner will help you navigate the process. They can also recommend the best motor for your application, ensuring that it will meet your needs and specifications.


The Swiss motor manufacturer maxon develops and produces a wide range of small electrical drives. These small DC brushed and brushless motors, drives, encoders, and control electronics are suitable for many different applications. The company specializes in high-quality motors for the medical, industrial automation, and aerospace industries.

A broad range of products includes DC brushed and brushless motors, gearheads, and encoder systems, all of which are available in a variety Permanent magnet brushless DC motor of options and combinations. Customers can choose the best motors based on power and size, commutation, or bearings. They can also select sterilizable drives for use in special ambient conditions.

Deep drilling technology

The oil and gas industry requires reliable drive systems that can withstand extreme temperatures, pressures, shocks, and vibrations. The maxon Heavy Duty range is designed for these tough operating conditions. These motors are efficient, can withstand high shock loads, and have very narrow tolerances. They are also capable of being run at lower voltages than their design specifications, reducing speed while maintaining torque. This makes them ideal for deep drilling applications.

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