UV Laser Marking Machine

UV laser marking machines combine the finesse of an artist with the precision demanded by industrial applications. Using a 355 nm wavelength, they execute a “cold” marking process that etches with minimal heat impact, safeguarding product integrity.

KEYENCE’s MD-U and MD-F series of UV laser markers include 3-axis control, enabling the ability to mark 3D surfaces. This feature allows you to engrave slices of full 3D on cylinders, inclines, cones, or spheres – without the need for a rotary attachment.

1. Ultra-fine Marking

The UV laser marking machine is a great choice for those who need to mark ultra-fine details on products like glass, ceramics, silicon wafers, and more. With its 355 nm wavelength and three-order intracavity frequency doubling technology, this machine can provide fine, clear, and crisp marks that can’t be achieved with traditional methods. It also has a low heat-affected zone, which minimizes product damage and allows for accurate processing of sensitive materials.

It’s also designed to be laser uv marking machine compatible with common design software, making it easy to integrate into existing workflows. For example, the Hunst Laser ET-UV3 can be used with AutoCAD and Photoshop to mark and edit designs for precision markings. This makes it a great option for companies who need to improve their productivity and efficiency.

The machine is also environmentally safe because it doesn’t use inks or solvents, helping companies be more sustainable. Plus, it’s easy to integrate into production lines, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. With proper training, operators can learn how to use the equipment effectively and safely. This can help them get the most out of their investment and make it easier to meet customer demands.

2. High-Speed Marking

Compared to thermal laser marking machines, UV lasers produce less heat and damage the surface of materials. This allows for high-speed marking without sacrificing precision, reducing production time and cost. This technology also works on a variety of different materials and shapes, including plastics, metals, and ceramics.

This marker features a 3-axis control to ensure distortion-free marking throughout the entire field of view. It also provides a wide range of marking options, including texts, patterns, and barcodes. The machine’s rotary drive fixture boosts efficiency when engraving nonsymmetrical, cylindrical, and spherical objects.

UV laser markers can be used to mark products for a number of industries, including medical devices and electronics. They offer versatility, accuracy, and ease of use, making them an excellent option for your company’s needs. Regular maintenance and training help you keep your equipment functioning at its best. This can improve work efficiency, lower operational costs, and ensure better product quality. It can also prevent unexpected breakdowns and minimize downtime. This will ensure a longer lifespan for your machine and a greater return on investment.

3. High-Precision Marking

A UV laser marker works by breaking chemical bonds on the surface of a material to remove it without any heat. This minimizes damage, which allows it to mark a wide range of materials including metals and plastics. The machine’s small 10-micron beam diameter allows it to engrave a variety of markings, text and graphics with high resolution. The system also consumes fewer watts of power than a similar fiber laser marker, so it requires less maintenance and can operate for up to 20,000 hours.

The KEYENCE UVCDS uses an auto-focused focal point to ensure distortion-free marking uv marking machine on the entire field of view, allowing it to mark objects that are more complex than a standard laser marker can. This versatility makes it ideal for medical manufacturers who need to mark everything from PE medication bottles to implantable devices with traceability codes that can withstand sterilization cycles. Unlike traditional engraving methods, a UV laser marker can prevent micro-fracturing in delicate materials like glass and silicon, so you can be confident that your products will maintain their integrity.

4. High-Resolution Marking

With the ability to mark an incredibly wide range of materials, shapes, and products, UV laser markers are a versatile solution for many different industries. They help companies increase traceability, prevent counterfeiting, comply with regulations, and enhance quality.

UV lasers use a 355 nm wavelength to execute a ‘cold marking’ process that etches with minimal thermal impact, safeguarding material integrity while producing crisp, enduring marks. This creates a perfect blend of artistry and precision for your product’s marks.

KEYENCE UV laser marking machines feature a 3-axis control system that allows you to adjust the focal point during the marking process. This helps eliminate distortion that can occur on non-standard shaped objects such as 3D stepped heights, inclines, and cylinders.

Medical device manufacturers use these marking solutions to create smooth, hygienic, FDA-compliant marks that can be easily read by both people and machines. This “cold marking” technology allows them to mark anything from PE medication bottles to implantable devices with the confidence that these codes will withstand stringent sterilization cycles. This translates into more efficient production and better brand reputation for your company.

5. Long-Lasting Marking

The UV laser marks materials with minimal heat impact, safeguarding the integrity of your product while providing crisp, enduring marks. This blend of artistry and precision enables you to make traceability markings that enhance product quality and customer value.

UV machines work on a wider range of materials than fiber lasers because the UV light emitted from the machine has a shorter wavelength. This makes it possible to mark plastics and metals, even if the material has a low thermal tolerance. Additionally, the UV laser can mark a wide range of colors, including dark plastics that are difficult to mark with the fibre wavelength.

KEYENCE offers UV laser markers with variable-Z 3-axis control that boosts versatility for complex engraving applications. These systems allow you to remain in focus while engraving on multiple planes, cylinders, inclines, and cones without having to manually adjust the system. This feature helps you save time, improve productivity, and reduce costs. It also provides an accurate, consistent mark across a broad spectrum of products and industries. For example, medical device manufacturers use this technology to create smooth, hygienic marks to meet FDA requirements for Unique Device Identification.

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