How to Choose a Medium-Sized Outdoor Pergola

A pergola is a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. It can be used to add shade and create a focal point for your landscape design.

To determine the best pergola size, start by measuring the distance you would like between the outside edges of your posts, and then adding the length of your rafters. For a freestanding kit, this calculation will be slightly different.


A pergola is an ideal addition to your outdoor space. It can create a cozy seating area, enhance your garden and elevate your deck. It can be customized to fit any space – from a small hot tub patio to a grand wrap around deck. However, the size of a pergola can be tricky to determine. To ensure you’re getting the perfect size for your needs, consider the following factors:

First, decide what you want to use the pergola for. For example, if you’re building it for dining or entertaining, it should be large enough to accommodate all of your furniture. It’s also important to consider any other outdoor features you plan on installing, such as a grill or fire pit.

Once you have a general idea of what your pergola is going to look like, it’s a good idea to mark out the corners with stakes or some other type of marker. This will help you get a visual estimate of the size and ensure you’re not going overboard.

It’s also a good idea to measure the height of your roof. This will help you figure out how tall your posts need to be. Most manufacturers offer standard post lengths, but you can also customize them upon request. Having the correct height will ensure your pergola is safe, sturdy and stylish.


A pergola’s material can make a difference in its appearance and durability. Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass are all available for constructing an outdoor pergola. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood is ideal for homeowners seeking a classic look, but it requires regular maintenance to avoid damage caused by weathering or insects. Aluminum is an excellent choice for people living near the ocean, as it resists rusting due to salt in the air. Vinyl is another popular option because it resists fading and offers a wide range of color options.

Pergolas can be customized with a roof or other coverings for shade and protection from the elements. They can also be equipped with Medium-sized outdoor pergola features that provide privacy and enclosure, such as lattices and curtains. For a unique touch, homeowners can grow vines and other climbing plants over their pergola. This enhances the visual appeal of the structure and creates a symphony of colors and scents.

A pergola can be outfitted with a variety of other amenities, such as a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, hot tub, and furniture. It can even act as a cover for a deck or pool. For an additional level of sophistication, add lighting to your pergola to extend its use into the evening. Pergola lights are available in a wide array of colors and styles, and some are even solar-powered for added convenience.


Besides being beautiful to look at, pergolas also provide shade and offer an enclosed space for your patio or deck. They can also be used to grow plants and flowers, adding lush greenery and natural beauty to your garden. You can even plant fast-growing vines such as wisteria or jasmine that will gracefully climb your pergola and add vibrant hues to your outdoor environment.

Whether you want a traditional or modern look, you can find the perfect pergola design that will fit your backyard perfectly. The key to a great design is knowing what you need before you build. For example, if you want a large overhang for your pergola, make sure you know the dimensions of your furniture first so that you can calculate how much space to allow for.

Once you have the size and layout in mind, you can start building the framework of your pergola. For the rafters, use wood boards that are durable and strong enough to support the roof. Then, attach the rafters to the posts with the proper hardware. Next, you’ll need to add cross beams in a diagonal pattern to make the roof stronger and more attractive. You can then finish the structure by painting or staining it, adding decorative caps, and more. If you’d like to make your pergola smart, you can choose a model with pivoting louvers that can be activated with a smartphone and adjusted to block out the sun or allow air flow.


Pergolas are becoming more and more popular, thanks to their ability to create a relaxing space in your backyard. Whether you want to transform your backyard into an outdoor dining area, an entertainment venue, or a place for hanging planters, a pergola will help you do just that.

Depending on the materials used for your retractable roof pergola, it may require regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. Wood pergolas should be stained or sealed periodically to protect the rot-resistant wood from water damage. The stain or sealant should be matched to your home’s exterior color and the type of wood. You can consult a local paint and stain store or hardware store for recommendations on the best products to use.

In terms of the material, many homeowners prefer aluminum pergolas for their durability and low-maintenance qualities. They stand up to harsh weather conditions and are available in a variety of modern styles, including the popular louvered pergola style.

Pergolas are a great option for homes with large, open backyards. They provide an attractive focal point that enhances a landscape design while providing ample shade from the sun. Additionally, they can help add privacy to your backyard without blocking the view of your house or other yard features.

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