Peristaltic Filling Machine

Designed for small volume, low viscosity products such as pharmaceutical preparations, fragrances, essential oils, reagents, inks and dyes. It works with single-use tubing sets so that there is no risk of cross contamination.

The machine consists of Loading Turntable, Peristaltic Pump & Fill Nozzles, Plug Placer and Cap Screw-on system. It is suitable for the GMP regulated liquid packaging production.


Unlike other pump types, peristaltic pumps do not touch the pumped medium or the pump body. This feature reduces shear force and makes a peristaltic pump ideal for transporting shear sensitive fluids such as pharmaceutical preparations, essential oils, reagents, inks, and chemicals.

Peristaltic pumps can be divided into two variants: one with classic rollers and the other with sliding shoes. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Rollers create less friction than shoes. They also require little maintenance since hardly any lubrication is needed. However, if the gap between the rollers is too small, the tubing will slip back after a few squeezes and decrease the tube life significantly.

The master computer tracks the number of rotations to ensure that the exact amount of product is delivered with each stroke. This allows the machine to deliver precise liquid volumes at a constant rate without wasting any product. This method is the ideal choice for hygienic filling of pharmaceutical preparations, juices, sauces, creams, detergents, alcohols, perfumes and a wide range of other products. It also enables quick production changeover and meets cGMP guidelines.


The peristaltic filling machine has a valve function that pumps products into the bottle through two nozzles located on the machine’s supply side. This type of pump is ideal for liquids with low and medium viscosity, such as syrups and other food products. It can also be used to fill construction products such as super glue, silicone, and sealants.

The machine’s master computer independently tracks the number of rotations of the peristaltic pump head. This allows the operator to peristaltic filling machine determine precisely how much product has been pumped into each container. It also stores fill parameters in memory, allowing for quick production changeovers.

This type of filling machine is easy to set up, operate, and clean. It’s also perfect for small production quantities. It has a very high accuracy rate, and is suitable for pharmaceutical preparations, fragrances, essential oils, reagents, inks, dyes, and specialty chemicals. It also meets the cGMP guidelines for medicinal products. This machine can be customized to fit the needs of your business. It can be made to accommodate different nozzles and conveyor size, and is resistant to corrosion and staining.


A peristaltic bottle filling machine’s nozzle function is designed to control the direction of liquid flow and ensure accurate product levels day in and day out. Depending on the viscosity of the product and the application, there are different nozzle options to choose from. Some options include straight-through nozzles, which allow fluid to flow into the container without stopping at the nozzle.

These nozzles are ideal for products that are sensitive to stringing or dripping. They can also be used with low-viscosity products. Another option is a valve-in-tip nozzle, which has a tip that opens and closes to stop the fluid. This nozzle is best for products with higher viscosity ratings such as honey or gels.

For high-viscosity applications, a volumetric piston filler is the solution. These machines use a recirculation method to fill each bottle to a pre-programmed level, then return any extra product back to the tank for re-use. They’re ideal for liquids such as oils, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and electronic cigarette oil.


The tank function is where the liquid products are stored before the filling process begins. It is connected to the machine platform, PLC and touch screen panel that display all of the fill settings for the product. It is also where the container to be filled rests just below a nozzle that will pump the liquid into the container.

This syrup filling machine is designed for a wide variety of liquids including sauces, syrups and even light gels like shampoo and form cleansers. It is efficient even with thick creamy or chunky products that have large particles in them. The nozzles are positioned to ensure that the product is dispensed evenly and that there is minimal spillage during filing.

This tabletop aseptic filler works with single-use tubing to eliminate the risk of cross contamination and is ideal for contract packaging, agar, clinical trials or production environments where many types of fluid need to be filled in small batches. The peristaltic pump is servo-programmable to provide an optimal compromise between fill volume, production speed and fill tolerance. All movement of the nozzles bottom up and forward back, feed screw synchronization and peristaltic pump are servo controlled for smooth operation.


The machine is designed for high value, small volume fills with very high accuracy. The master computer independently tracks the # of rotations of the peristaltic pump head so that it knows exactly how much product has been delivered. It also stores all fill parameters to make changeovers quick and easy. This machine is perfect for aqueous and other liquids with low viscosity, pharmaceutical preparations, fragrances, essential oils, lubricants, chemicals, dyes and other specialty products.

The computer 68 is programmed with a flow rate generation program 69 that uses a lookup table to determine a real-time dispense volume characteristic as a periodic function of the system driver position. The dispense driver position is established at the start of each pulse by peristaltic filling machine either a sensor that senses the home position of the rotor, or a signal from the encoder.

The system is a rotary peristaltic dispenser, compensating for the nonlinearity of the fluid path and nozzle actuation. The rotary peristaltic dispenser is ideal for liquids that require a precise fill weight, such as pharmaceutical preparations, cosmetic oils and e-liquids. The rotary peristaltic dispenser also allows for the use of a single unbroken tube from infeed to outfeed, making it easier to clean.

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